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Published on 5/18/2022 at 4:46 PM
Half the fun of your night on the town is the pregame beforehand and lively Uber drive there, with aux chord permissions, of course. Now imagine marrying the two because the rideshare platform is introducing a new charter feature that lets you take a party bus to your next event or night out.
Uber is introducing an entirely new way to ride and letting you swap out your Toyota Rav for something better and bigger. Uber Charter allows you to reserve larger vehicles, including party buses, coaches, and passenger vans, to accommodate your group. Just be sure to check in on the current COVID situation in your area to ensure a big group is a safe idea in the first place.
“Whether it’s for a wedding, a wine tasting, or a work event, it’s about to get easier than ever to book a bus for your next group gathering,” the company said in a blog post. “No research, no stress, no surprises—and, as always, we’ll show you pricing up front.” 
Uber Charter is launching across the US in “select cities” beginning this summer. Unsure if that means you’ll be able to access it? Head over to the app, tap the Charter icon, and you’ll be notified when the feature rolls out in your city.
In addition, the company is also introducing Uber Vouchers for Events—cough, cough, those weddings and corporate functions you’ll need the party bus for. You’ll be able to create custom codes with a maximum pricing limit and allow guests to choose their own pickup and drop-off spots.
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