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Toyota Autobody a subsidiary of the renowned Toyota Motors, has taken center stage with an exciting electric concept at the Japan Mobility Show, also known as the Tokyo Motor Show 2023. Among their stunning unveilings, a concept sports car, SUV, and even a Land Cruiser Prado have graced the event. Still, the electric Hiace van idea steals the show and shows off Toyota’s creative thinking when it comes to commercial vehicles.

When it comes to size and electric capabilities the Toyota Hiace Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is a remarkable example. With dimensions measuring 5,280mm in length, 1,950mm in width, and 1,990mm in height, it asserts its presence on the road. The wheelbase comes in at 3,210mm providing stability and balance.

The extraordinary turning radius of the Hiace BEV which is only 5.5 meters, is one noteworthy design feature and this is an impressive accomplishment for a vehicle of its size. It is better suited for cramped areas and urban environments because of this characteristic which also increases its maneuverability.

The interior of the vehicle displayed in a cargo van setup is intriguing. It features a single seat and an expansive touchscreen located next to the steering wheel and this touchscreen serves as a hub for vital information including real-time tracking of packages within the van and the ability to map out the most efficient delivery routes.

In the context of a delivery van, the concept vehicle boasts a single-seat layout. Package storage and transit are made possible by this design which maximizes cargo capacity. Notable extras that highlight the vehicle’s suitability for business use include a flat floor and a special rack for storing packages.
While Toyota has left certain powertrain details, such as battery size, range, and drive specifications, undisclosed, the Hiace BEV concept opens the door to a world of possibilities. The brand envisions this versatile vehicle not only for cargo and delivery purposes but also as a tourist van and even for essential public services like an ambulance and its adaptability and spacious interior suggest that it can meet a diverse range of transportation needs.

It is important to note that Toyota’s dedication to innovation and cutting-edge design is demonstrated by the Hiace BEV, which is constructed on the newest MPV platform. Although Toyota previously sold the previous-generation Hiace in India in limited numbers this new electric iteration represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of the iconic Hiace van. Offering sustainability and practicality in equal measure the Hiace BEV offers a bright future for electric commercial vehicles.


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