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There are a total of 125 bus routes in Dubai, with an additional 11 routes added in April 2017
There are a total of 125 bus routes in Dubai, with an additional 11 routes added in April 2017. Of this total, 49 are local services, 41 are feeder services, 13 are central business district (CBD) services, 8 are express services, 3 are for Global Village and Miracle Garden (closed for some months every year), and there are 11 intercity services.
NOTE: The steps to see detailed bus routes and serviced stops have been explained at the bottom of this article.
The new routes (added in April 2017) are shown in deep green while the updated ones (as of April 2017) have been highlighted in bright green.
Update: 10 new feeder routes have been added and updates have made in 3 routes.
Update: C15 has been updated with Deira City Centre as its last stop instead of Al Wasl.
Update: E400 will have a new flat fare and will not serve any existing bus stops in Sharjah in either direction. A new stop, Ajman – Al Manama Mall, will be covered.
Update: 13 routes have been modified and one new route has been added.
1. Find your service route ID or choose one based on where you intend to go.
2. Go to RTA’s official journey planner online. Remember to allow pop-ups from the RTA website.
3. On the right side of the page, click on the ‘+’ symbol on the ‘Download for Service’ option, below ‘Maps’ and ‘Transport’.
4. In the dropdown, select ‘Route Map’ and enter the bus route ID or number in the dialog box.
5. Select the route and click ‘Submit’. A pop-up link loads with a detailed PDF map of your selected bus route including all stops from origin to destination.
You can plan your journey by using the RTA’s journey planner here.
Though we have done our best to ensure the accuracy of this guide, please be informed that any individual query or complaint needs to be addressed to the RTA. Gulf News is not responsible for any change/update to this information. 
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