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Intercity buses, airport shuttle options and taxi services you can avail
Dubai: Need to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi but don’t have a car or even a driver’s licence? Fret not. There are several public transport options that you can choose from, apart from taking a taxi between the two Emirates.
Whether you have a flight to catch from Abu Dhabi, or need to visit the Emirate for a concert, here are all the bus routes and public transport services that you can take advantage of.
One of the most affordable options is using the intercity public bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. These are the bus routes currently in operation between Dubai and Abu Dhabi:
• E100 from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and back
• E101 from Ibn Buttuta Bus Station to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and back
• E201 from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to Al Ain main bus terminal and back
The timetable for intercity busses can change based on the demand. To find out the live schedule of intercity buses to Abu Dhabi, when you are about to travel, download Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) the S’hail app, which is available for Apple and Android devices.
The S’hail app allows commuters to check the latest bus schedule to and from Dubai and plan their journey.
The bus fare for the trip can vary depending on the timings and routes. However, if you do plan on using the intercity bus, you must carry a Nol card with you. There are three categories of Nol cards – blue, silver and gold
The fourth option is that of the ‘Nol red ticket’, which is a disposable paper card, and is a single-use ticket, which you can use for your trip. However, it is important to note that the red ticket only allows you to use one mode of transport (for example, bus, Metro or tram). A one-way Nol red ticket for a bus to Abu Dhabi costs Dh25.
If you have a flight to catch from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, there are two air carriers that provide free shuttle bus services for their passengers: Etihad and Wizz Air.
If you have booked a flight with Etihad Airways, you can use their free coach service, which is available from Dubai or Al Ain to the Abu Dhabi International Airport.
How do I book the Etihad Airways’ coach service?
Etihad Airways advises passengers to make a booking 24 hours prior to travel. Passengers without a booking confirmation will not be able to board the bus.
To reserve a booking for the Etihad Airways bus service, you must visit the link here: and enter your booking reference number or ticket number and your last name.
Dubai pick-up/drop-off location:
There is a dedicated bus station for Etihad Airways’ shuttle service behind the new Safestway Supermarket on Sheikh Zayed Road. The shuttle bus can be identified by the bus number, which starts with an ‘EY’.
If you want to know the timings of the Etihad Airways shuttle bus service and how to book it, click here:
This service is for passengers flying Wizz Air. While you are booking through Wizz Air, you will have the option to choose the shuttle bus service and the bus fare will be included in the Wizz Air tickets.
The shuttle bus will drop passengers at Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 1, 2 and 3 from the Ibn Battuta Bus Station.
If you prefer to use a taxi, you can book a taxi through the Careem app, which is available for Apple and Android devices. RTA licensed taxis are available for booking through the app, under the ‘Hala taxi’ category.
1. Open the Careem App and select the ‘Hala Taxi’ category.
2. Next, enter your destination in the search bar.
3. Then select your pick-up location. If you want the taxi to pick you up from your current location, tap on the ‘pick-up’ button or enter your location manually in the search bar.
4. Tap the ‘Yalla’ button and choose whether you want to pay with cash or card.
5. Next, the app will detect if there are any taxis near your area and notify if a driver is available to pick you up.
You also have the option to book private taxis through Uber or Careem.
The cost of the trip will depend on the starting point and final destination of your trip. If you book a ‘Hala Taxi’ the ride to Abu Dhabi can cost anywhere between Dh100 to Dh300.
If you book a private taxi, the fare may be slightly higher.
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