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You have options for your daily commute. VIAWorks, the Transit Benefit Program from VIA Metropolitan Transit, offers convenient and affordable choices for employers and employees to enjoy the benefits of public transportation.
About vanpooling
It eliminates driving a personal vehicle and reduces gasoline and emissions.
It saves parking costs and traffic hassles.
It’s tax free for riders if done as a payroll deduction.*
Vanpool drivers may keep the van during evenings and weekends, in exchange for keeping a daily log, and managing the group’s finances and scheduled maintenance.
It offers an attractive benefit package on behalf of employers.
There is always a guaranteed ride home in case of emergency with VIAWorks and the Alamo Commutes Emergency Ride Home program.
* Tax benefits per IRS Code Section 132(f), as of 2017
Getting there together is a great way to start the day.
VIAWorks Vanpool vehicles may travel almost anywhere, as long as trips start or end within VIA’s bus service area. Vanpool makes it possible for groups of five to 15 persons to share a ride to work, while splitting the cost of van rental and fuel.
Employees of participating workplaces may receive up to $255 per month* for Vanpool expense reimbursements. VIA also provides a subsidy discount, insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance, and van maintenance. Click on the button below to find a Vanpool.

For questions about VIAWorks Vanpool, call 210-362-2380
*Tax-free vanpool benefit limit for commute trips in a vehicle with a seating capacity of at least six adults (excluding the driver), with at least 80 percent of the vehicle’s mileage for a year is reasonably expected to be for commuting, and on trips during which the number of employees transported for commuting is at least one-half of the seating capacity of the vehicle (excluding the driver).
With VIAWorks you don’t have to worry about being stranded. In the event of an emergency, Alamo Commutes, a program of the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, can help.
VIAWorks and the Alamo Commutes Program helps cover the cost of a ride home for participating bus and vanpool customers—by taxi or, in some circumstances, a rental car—when riding the bus or vanpool is not an option due to an emergency. There is no cost to participate and no registration procedure, though individuals must be eligible and qualified to receive reimbursement.
1) You live and work within Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, or Kendall Counties;
2) You carpool or vanpool, take the bus, ride a bike, or walk to work an average of three times per week or more; and
3) You record your trips and keep your home, organization, and email address current on the Alamo Commutes website or app.
For questions, or to sign up to be a VIAWorks partner, call 210-362-2380
For Vanpool pricing information,
please contact use directly at 210-362-2555.
Additional Resources
Vanpool Brochure | Guaranteed Ride Home

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