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Unified Traffic Number links all vehicle and licensing details for individuals in the UAE
Dubai: Filling in a form and need your T.C. No? You may be wondering where you can find it and what exactly a T. C. number is. Here is all you need to know.
T. C. No. stands for Traffic Code number, or the Unified Traffic Number. According to the Abu Dhabi Police website, this is a unique number that defines the personal traffic profile for anyone who deals with the Unified Traffic System. This number is linked to your driver’s licence as well as any number of cars that may be registered under your name. So, if you have a driving licence issued in the UAE, and two or three vehicles registered under your name as well, the T. C. No. for all these files will remain the same.
You can find it on:
Your vehicle registration card has the T. C. No. as the third entry on the front face of the card, right after your Traffic Plate No. and the emirate in which the vehicle is registered.
You can also find the T. C. No. on the back of your driver’s licence. This should not be confused with the licence no. or the licensing authority code, which is printed on the front face of the card.
You may be asked for the T. C. No. when you apply for the following vehicle and licensing services:
1. Paying traffic fines – while you can enquire about traffic fines using your number plate as well, by using your T. C. No, you will be able to get details of all the fines that may have been issued, in case you have multiple cars.
2. Applying for Salik tag in Dubai or the Darb toll system in Abu Dhabi.
3. Applying for a parking permit – In Abu Dhabi, the parking permit system specifically asks for the applicant’s T. C. No.
In Dubai, if you register for a parking card, you can use your T. C. No., instead of a number plate, to easily link all the vehicles under your name for the same parking card. It is important to note that only one of the vehicles registered under your name can be used at a time in paid parking areas. A maximum of three vehicles can be registered on a Dubai parking card, according to the RTA website.
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