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Policies on holiday homes and how you can make money while on a holiday
Dubai: If you are a Dubai resident and are looking for alternative ways to earn a little extra while you are on vacation, you can set up your home as a short-term holiday rental while you are outside the UAE.
However, you need to be aware of specific rules and conditions, especially if you are a tenant. Here is how you can make some money from your home in Dubai while holidaying outside the UAE.
“Yes, it is legal for tenants to rent out their villa or apartment as a holiday home for one or two months while they are outside the UAE,” Joanna Plunkett, short-term rentals manager at Better Homes, said.
“However, it is important to obtain a holiday home permit from Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and to follow the rules and regulations for maintaining holiday home in Dubai,” Plunkett added.
For example, the holiday home should be leased as a whole unit, you cannot rent out only part of the property, like a room or bed space. 
Justine Mae Olayres, the director of operations at Dubai-based Primestay Vacation Homes Rental LLC, explained that if you do not own the property, you will need the landlord’s approval.
“Tenants can only apply for the DTCM holiday home permit if they obtain a no-objection letter (NOC) from their landlord and rent out the property on a short-term basis,” she said.
According to the experts who spoke with Gulf News, tenants should also inform their building management and security that they have a holiday home permit and are operating a holiday rental in the apartment complex or community villa.
“It is important to send an email to the apartment security and community management with the DTCM licence, the check-in date and passport copies of the guests. This is to ensure that they know if the person is allowed to stay in the apartment when they come,” Plunkett said.
Olayres explained that to set up your home as a short-term holiday rental, you must first seek a permit from DTCM, which is under Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET).
She said: “Tenants can obtain this permit in two ways – either by dealing with a real estate agency, which will handle the entire process and market the home on platforms such as Airbnb and oversee its maintenance. Alternatively, a tenant can do it on their own, by signing up for the permit directly through the DTCM website.”
To read a detailed guide on how to obtain a holiday home permit in Dubai through the DTCM website – – click here 
To ensure holiday homes in Dubai observe the conditions laid out by DTCM, the authority conducts routine inspections of the properties.
“Normally, the department will call and schedule the inspection with the tenant before they inspect the unit. If the unit is occupied, they schedule the inspection once it is vacant,” Olayres said.
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