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Toyota’s vans have always been some of its most versatile vehicles and at Japan Mobility 2023, it’s proving that with a trio of concepts and one restored classic
Toyota is coming in hot with a series of specialized van concepts at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 – which replaces the Tokyo Motor Show. These prototypes were created by the automaker’s subsidiary, Toyota Auto Body, which specializes in manufacturing vans.
Demonstrating the range and variety of what’s possible within the company’s lineup, the trio of concepts encompass an all-electric model, an opulent MPV, and a classic van that serves as a bridge between Toyota’s heritage and future in the world of vans.
Global Hiace BEV Concept
The Global Hiace BEV Concept, is being exhibited for the first time, and comes as Toyota has renewed its focus on electric vehicles. Although some details remain a mystery, such as power and range, it shows off what’s possible for delivery vehicles of the future.
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Equipped with just one seat, the van is intensely focused on cargo. That means that it’s capable of accommodating objects up to 11.4 feet (3.5 meters) long. It also has a completely flat floor, as well as a specialized cart to make loading and unloading it easier. With a turning radius of 18 feet (5.5 meters) and connected features to help drivers find their next destination, it will be a useful delivery van in big cities and small towns alike.
Vellfire Spacious Lounge Concept
Next up, Toyota Auto Body has revealed the Vellfire Spacious Lounge Concept. This model removes the van’s third row of seats, and slides the second row back to turn the family hauler into a luxurious limo for business types.
As a result of the new seating layout, the concept gives second-row passengers 20 inches (500 mm) of extra legroom. The reorientation also frees up space for other toys, including storage compartments for bags, a fridge, and a coat rack in the back to allow busy professionals to hang their jackets without fear of wrinkling them.
X-Van Gear Concept
Meanwhile, the X-Van Gear Concept looks a bit like an FJ Cruiser if it had been cursed to live as a van by a vengeful witch. Indeed, Toyota Auto Body sees it as a new category of vehicle that offers the spaciousness of a van while embracing the boxy design of an SUV.
Ideal for campers, the X-Van Gear has sliding doors front and rear, and no B pillar to help it open it up as wide as possible. Inside, you’ll find big, sofa-like seats, making this the ideal vehicle to hang out in at the campsite. At dinner time, the front passenger seat can be rotated, and the middle row seats can be folded down to form tables.
1967 Hiace
Finally, Toyota Auto Body is bringing a restored 1967 Hiace van to prove that its forward-looking van concepts are still connected to its past. A van in an era where the commercial vehicle space was dominated by trucks, it showed that vans were flexible enough to serve the needs of both people and packages.
The Japan Mobility Show 2023 runs from October 13 to November 11, in Tokyo.
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