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KUALA LUMPUR: The catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device and it is being targeted by thieves in several parts of the world. Why? Well, it just takes 30 seconds to steal and is full of valuable precious metals. It can cost up to $1,500 (approx. RM 6188) to replace one, so owners need to be extra careful.
Seeing the urgency of the matter, automakers are now stepping in to help resolve the issue. For instance, Mitsubishi in February offered discounts to victims of catalytic converter thefts. However, it’s Toyota’s move we like better, however, at the moment it is only limited to the US market where almost 250 units of catalytic converter were recovered in March 2021.
Toyota  catalytic converter
Toyota UK in a press release announced that it will covertly mark catalytic converters on over 100,000 Toyota vehicles, which in turn will help the police track and arrest thieves. This entire exercise will cost the Japanese automaker more than $1.4 million (approx. RM 5,775,700).
The marking service is free for owners, however, as per Toyota, it is specifically targeting older models, as they are an easy target. The new Toyota and Lexus vehicles feature different catalytic design, making them a difficult theft target.
Catalytic converter combat kit from Toyota
Helping Toyota manufacture these police-approved, invisible markings is Smartwater.
As mentioned, these kits are limited to the US market at the moment, however, considering the number of owners at risk of such theft, such assistance soon should be made global.
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