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Finding a trustworthy travel agency can be challenging. We have compiled a list of the best travel agencies in Nigeria, their services, locations, and contacts for your convenience. Reach out to them and compare their offers to find an affordable one.
Sometimes, it is easier to take an overseas trip with the help of a travel agency. The primary role of any travel agency is to help ease your travel planning process and make the journey as comfortable as possible. They will save you time and give you the necessary information about your trip.
Some of the services offered by travel agencies in Nigeria include organizing tours to different parts of the world, visa processing, cheap flight booking, holiday packages, hotel reservations, car rentals, online services, etc. Below is the list of travel agencies in Nigeria
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Aspom Travels is the go-to agency for business trips and family vacations. The company can also help you with Visa processing. Aspom Travels accepts online appointments if you cannot make travel plans with the agency in person at its head office.
Silhouette Travels and Tours Limited is among the best tour operators in Lagos. The company provides clients a wide range of quality, effective, and efficient travel and tour services. At Silhouette Travels and Tours Limited, you can access the following services:
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Royaltrips Company Limited is licensed by the Geneva-based International Air Transport Association (IATA) as an accredited agent to member airlines. They offer customized guided tours and provide the right expertise to make a client's trip an unforgettable experience.
The agency offers customers incredible services and partners with almost all airlines in Nigeria and abroad. Mayfair Travel Nigeria Limited works with Afriqiyah Airways, Air France, Bellview Airlines Ltd, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Egypt Air, Emirates, Kenya Airways, KLM, Lufthansa German Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, South African Airways, and more. Mayfair Travel Nigeria's services include:
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Zenith Travels and Tours Limited is one of Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa's best travel tour companies. It was established in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1998. You will love the expertise of Zenith Travels and Tours Limited's highly skilled, resourceful, and innovative staff. Below is a list of Zenith Travels' services:
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Jolie Global Travels and Tours Limited is among the most famous travel agencies in Abuja. The agency makes comparing hotels, resorts, property owners, and other service providers easy. Below is a list of Jolie Global's services:
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This is one of the most successful travel agencies in Abuja. Many know it as a highly professional African travel agency. Gadeshire Travels and Tours Limited markets tour destinations worldwide and manages some. The agency consolidates and purchases grounds, hotels, tour attractions, and airfares to create exciting holiday and vacation packages that appeal to travelers. Gadeshire's services include:
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Touchdown Travels Ltd is among the largest travel agents in Lagos and one of the most recommended travel and pay later agencies in Nigeria. Touchdown Travels' Easy Pay (EP) travel payment plan is flexible. It allows customers to grab great travel deals instantly and pay over a maximum of 6 installments. The agency has offices in Lagos, Abuja, Ikeja, and Port Harcourt, and its services include:
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Aeroport Travels and Tours Limited is among the top travel agents in Lagos. This full-fledged travel management company has years of vast experience and is committed to offering travel services of the highest quality. Some of Aeroport Travels and Tours Ltd's tour packages are to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Miami and Austin (USA), Nairobi (Kenya), and Zanzibar (Tanzania). Aeroport Travels and Tours' services include:
Stephan Ekbergh established Travelstart Nordic in Sweden in 1999. It began operating in South Africa in 2006 before the European Travel Interactive AB (eTRAVELi) — a company whose headquarters moved to Cape Town — bought it in 2010. This African online travel booking website operates in Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt, Turkey, Bahrain, Botswana, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Kenya, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Travelstart's services include:
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This is also one of the best travel and pay later agencies in Nigeria. Wakanow Nigeria Limited offers easy and affordable travel services. They have a broad range of top travel deals and help you research, plan, and book domestic and international travel tickets from the comfort of wherever you are. Wakanow Nigeria's services include:
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Airgate Travel and Tours Limited was registered in 2016 in Gbagada, Nigeria. It is one of the best travel agencies in Nigeria, Lagos. The agency simplifies the time-consuming and complicated trip-planning process for its clients. Airgate Travel and Tours specializes in leisure, business, and location-specific journeys to Europe, Africa, or Asia. Airgate's services include:
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Dip Tour Limited is also one of the many travel and pay later agencies in Nigeria. The agency allows clients to apply for credit. Dip Tour Limited operates in over 195 countries and connects to over 600,000 hotels, apartments, and villas worldwide. Dip Tour Limited's services include:
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The agency was established on 26 July 1999 and was accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in 2000. Rewards Travels' head office is in Ikeja, and the company has several established partners in the global market. Some of its latest tour packages are to Istanbul, Dubai, Paris, Accra, the UK, and East Europe. Rewards Travels and Tours Limited's services are:
Quantum Travels Ltd provides competitive fares worldwide. The travel consultants have 35 years of experience. Quantum Travels organizes unique travel packages throughout the Philippines and other Asian countries. Quantum Travels Limited's services are:
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Nigerians love to travel any time of the year. Among the 145 registered travel agencies in the country, the 15 most famous ones are as follows:
There are 145 registered travel agencies in Nigeria. These agencies are listed in the government's directory. The directory also provides their office addresses and phone numbers.
Mayfair Travel Nigeria Limited, Jolie Global Travels and Tours Limited, and Gadeshire Travels and Tours Limited are among the best travel agents in Nigeria.
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Many travel agents charge their customers fees because they make money from commissions the hotels and outfitters pay them. Travel agents who charge fees help customers travel in groups and share the costs. Before you book a trip with a travel agent, inquire whether or not they charge fees.
Good travel agents speak your language, know what you want, and are there when you run into trouble. Below are tips for finding such an agent in Nigeria:
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Confirm that the travel agent works for an agency registered/licensed by the government. After that, double-check the travel agency's logo, name, address, contact details, social media pages, and website. Compare the details with the information the agent/agency sends you via email or on any document they give you. Any inconsistencies are a red flag.
If you are sure the agent/agency is legit, double-check the amount paid on your bank account and credit card statements after paying. If you notice any inconsistencies, compare the details with the agency's paperwork and cancel the payment.
There is no list of fake travel agency names from the government, but you can access registered agencies' names, office addresses, and phone numbers from the government's directories.
Some news outlets occasionally expose travel agents/agencies to protect people from losing their money and documents to scammers from Nigeria. You can check out that information from them. Also, learn about the signs of a fake travel agency to protect yourself even more.
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People often fall into the hands of fake and incompetent travel agencies. You can only know a genuine travel agency in Nigeria by checking its name in the government's directory. Also, do a background check to ensure the agency treats its clients well. also shared insightful details about the Canadian visa application requirements. Visitors entering the country need health insurance coverage from a Canadian insurance company.
The insurance should cover you the entire time you are in Canada. It would help if you also had your original passport and required documents. Find out more details from the article to stay informed.
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