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Toyota Hiace Platinum Lounge-12
More funky fun from Toyota Auto Body, and this time it’s with the HiAce Platinum Lounge, which made its debut alongside the marine-inspired Alphard Hercule at the 44th edition of the Tokyo Motor Show.
The automaker says “this exclusive wagon will drive beautifully through the sophisticated night life, provide stylish transportation between parties in the city and allow the passengers to enjoy the luxury of maximum interior space.”
Four large face-to-face seats are the centrepiece of a luxurious interior space that’s generously equipped with plenty of mod cons. There’s a large TV screen for front facing passengers (and a smaller screen for the rear-facing ones) and a large dimmable ceiling lighting system, for starters.

Also to be found, a coffee maker, wine storage area and movable tables in the white-themed interior, and the Platinum Lounge has a tablet device that controls the operation of the sliding doors as well as the TV and audio system.
The HiAce Platinum Lounge, which measures in at 5,410 mm long, 1,920 mm wide and 2,285 mm tall, seats six. Fancy one then?

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this is a nice concept.
Car Rental company can make profit from this.
pimp up School bua
Bring it in…. The final purchase decision is solely based on final spec by UMW.
Should come standard with air suspension
Hiace commuter that never come in this land….just for gov (ambulance n etc) use….see lot commuter clone like joylong,era,faridplacer….this van are awesome….in thai market make no 1 choice with so many custom modified….grey importer should bring these to our land ….
Where’s 2.6b when you need it.
Theres alwiz 3 Bllion in selangor piggy bank. U just have to ask dear leader only
At least its still in the state’s piggy bank and not corrupted john’s piggybank.
This hyundai car sure no RV ,better buy toyota
If u dont know about Toyota, ask me. This is a Toyota and yes it has very good RV and durability plus luxury.
this actually looks cool 🙂
This only proves further that all those so called luxury MPVs are just overpriced vans like hiace. Only sohai will pay 3-4 times the price to get one.
The HiAce Platinum Lounge, which measures in at 5,410 mm long, 1,920 mm wide and 2,285 mm tall, seats six.
Is good pls bring it to our country and you will see people that will buy it. Even me am interested in it.
The HiAce Platinum Lounge, which measures in at 5,410 mm long, 1,920 mm wide and 2,285 mm tall, seats six. Is a good bus pls bring it to Nigeria.
Now this should be ironhide!
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