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Taxi involved in accident by airport, 17 July 2017
(CNS): In court on Friday, Roy Clivey Tamasa pleaded guilty to causing the death of Dr Vary Anette Jones-Leslie by careless driving last summer, when she was knocked down on the airport road at Owen Roberts International Airport. Prosecutors had charged the 70-year-old taxi driver with the more serious offence of causing death by dangerous driving but indicated that they were willing to accept Tamasa’s admission to the lesser charge. Following the recording of the pleas, he was bailed to return for sentencing in February, when he could face prison time and a driving ban.
Dr Jones-Leslie (62) was killed on the morning of 17 July, having just arrived in Cayman from Jamaica. She was an obstetrician/gynaecologist who visited Cayman to see Health Services Authority patients on a regular basis. She was hit by Tamasa, who was driving a Toyota Hiace van, as she crossed the road to collect a rental car.
Since her death, the airport has installed speed bumps on the perimeter road.
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This is sad all around, for the doctor and her family and the driver and his family.
I get the guy is old but he was obviously in a nutty and do kill someone. She doesn’t get the chance to live her life. Jail time is a must.
Is he the owner of the Taxi , or just the driver ? How many Taxis are owned by the government ? Is any privately owned like days gone by . I think that if he’s not the owner of the taxi , then take this slap on your pinky finger is all he would get . But if he’s is the owner he could be looking at some time. .
Out of curiosity, why should an owner/driver get a harsher sentence than a paid driver? Its the same guy behind the wheel.
Jotnar , did you read the questions that I asked ? Then you will see the difference it makes .
Wow, someone had to get kill first, before speed bumps could be placed to slow down the traffic. At such a busy place like the airport. Did any pockets got greased for the project?.
Grease the skids, grease the wheels….Grease the pockets??..
If Uber or Lyft got in, it would be worse. It’s not old people killing people, it’s young people killing people.
You comment on a story where an old person kills someone.
Generally, young and foolish people kill people in crashes (often themselves), and old people also tend to crash too. This is why insurance companies don’t like these people.
Uber would improve it, as dumbass drivers would get poor reviews, and nobody would use them. Better drivers, with better manners, driving skills (able to use indicators and roundabouts) and nicer vehicles would sweep up, and deservedly so.
Man I’d love to be able to leave a review for some of the Cayman taxis!
The mafia have nothing like the leverage the taxi cartels have! It’s a pure racket.
It’s allowed because it keeps locals with no skills, especially that of driving, in a job.
If there was uber or similar, the prices would go down, usage would go up, customer service would improve, as would some of the junkers that you see driving around.
The usual deal, save us a trial and you will get off with a slap on the wrist, no matter that someone died.
Just remember now a young man killed Donny Conner an tried to cover it up for 1 he didn’t stop an 2 he hide his car tried to fix it back before the police could catch up with him it’s a dam shame he only got a few months accidents do happen but as we know that elderly taxi driver did not leave the location at least he had respect for the person he had it..
This man had a clean record. What happened was incredibly unfortunate, however, we do not know the background. At 45, an experienced yet not elderly driver, I occasionally have to serve to avoid someone crossing the road, often with a phone in hand, or a pedestrian out too far in the road, etc. Yes, it is the driver’s responsibility to be well aware of others but accidents can happen. Let’s hope that the judge is understanding.
“Could face prison time?” Seriously? He must face serious prison time for illegally killing an innocent person.
You can drive a taxi at age 70 years but you can’t rent a car?!
All taxis drive like a holes and then don’t take responsibility. Time to disband the mafia andbring in Lyft. What happened to flex?
The a-holes got it rejected.
The mafia.
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