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If a vehicle is registered under your name, and somebody else commits a traffic offence while using that vehicle, the violation is registered under your name. Unfair?
You were kind enough to lend your vehicle and you end up with traffic fines.
Even if you agree that you will not be the one to pay the fine, your name will still be printed in the files of Dubai Police as the violator of that particular traffic rule.
However, now an option will allow for this situation to be avoided.
Although the vehicle is registered under your name, you can opt to inform Dubai Traffic Police that someone else is actually driving the vehicle at a specific time and date.
Consequently, traffic violations and the fines will be diverted to the driver of the vehicle, should s/he commit a violation, explained Steve Venning, Licensing Department of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).
“When you as a father own a car which he decides to lend to his son, you can register your son as the driver of that car and the violations will be registered under your son’s name,” he explains.
Equally, car rental companies will be able to benefit from the amendment. Long-term rentals will allow for the fines to be sent directly to the user, who will not be able to avoid the fine until he returns the car.
As soon as he commits the offence, this will be registered and the traffic fine will be processed without the interference of the car rental company.
Company drivers, taxi drivers, and school bus drivers are other professionals who might feel the effect of the anticipated option.
“Only UAE residents will be eligible to be registered,” says Steve, implying that visitors renting a car would not be able to take the option.

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