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Sharjah’s ‘Rental Map Platform’ provides real-time data on rent of different properties
Dubai: Sharjah residents can now get real-time rent prices of different neighbourhoods through the Rental Map Platform by Sharjah City Municipality (SCM).
SCM launched the second phase of the ‘Rental Map Platform’ at Gitex Global 2022.
“All the data and details in the map reflect the latest rental prices in the area. This is because the data in the rental map is updated every six hours from SCM’s Rent Regulation Department to reflect the real-time contracts being registered with SCM,” Hessa Yousif, a customer service employee at SCM, told Gulf News.
The Rental Map Platform acts as a rental index for Sharjah and gives tenants a basic idea of what rent they can expect when house hunting.
So, if you are planning to move to Sharjah or are looking for a new home in the Emirate, here is all you need to know about the Rental Map Platform.
You can access the Rental Map Platform through this link:
Hessa explained that users could use the online interactive map to find the right home for them, by using specific filters available on the website.
“You have three ways to check the rental index platform: the type of rental contract, area or rent. For example, on the map – you can choose the Al Majaz area, select the type of contract, and enter property type and the rental value according to your budget.”
According to the contract you select, the interactive map will show if there are properties in the area according to the contract type. You can then select the average rent in the area.
“So, if your budget is between Dh20,000 and Dh40,000, type in that amount in the system, and you will find houses in that area within that price range,” she added.
“Once you click on ‘search’, the map will zoom in on the area, and geotags will pinpoint all the houses in that neighbourhood with that rental amount.”
Apart from showing the rent, the map will also show you the public facilities available in the area, such as hospitals, parks and mosques, and give you directions to the area from your current location.
According to SCM, the updated version of the ‘Rental Map Platform’ includes more localities and areas in the Emirate.
The rental index by Sharjah gives tenants an estimate of the average rent of a villa or apartment in that area, according to the latest rental contracts being registered in the SCM system.
The Dubai rental index tells tenants what the average rent is in a particular neighbourhood, and by how much their landlord can increase the property’s rent if it is below the average range. To learn more about the Dubai rental index, read our guide here.
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