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Aside from knowing how to drive properly and acquiring your driver’s license, there’s one more thing you need to pay attention to if you want to be a responsible motorist on Philippine roads: your vehicle’s registration with the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

The official receipt (OR) of payment and certificate of registration (CR) that are acquired through the LTO are two of the most basic documents that every motorist needs. In this article, we go through all of the important details concerning the LTO’s MV registration system. We’re talking requirements, registration schedules, charges, and penalties—everything. In case you’re wondering, all the information here were lifted from the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Portal.

Now, before you go scrolling through, we’re already warning you that this will be a very, very long guide. So, to help you navigate, we’ve listed the main points below. Click the blue words so you’ll have an easier time finding what you’re looking for. 

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This is what car owners mainly pay for when registering a vehicle or renewing its registration. MVUCs are determined by gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle mass (GVM) and the classification. The LTO also charges different MVUCs for vehicles registered in 2000 or older.

For the purposes of this article, light vehicles are passenger cars with GVMs of up to 1,600kg, medium vehicles have GVMs between 1,601-2,300kg, and heavy vehicles have GVMs of 2,301kg or higher.

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The last digit of a vehicle’s license plate determines the scheduled month for the renewal of registration. You can check out the list below for more details.

The middle number for three-digit license plates or the second-to-the-last number for four- and five-digit plates will then determine the week when the motor vehicle registration must be renewed. 

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