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Traveling around northern Ontario can be a challenge – and traveling in large groups on a bus can be costly too.  
But Tisdale Bus Lines based out of Timmins and North Bay, have added a less expensive option for smaller groups by purchasing a new 24-seat mini bus.   
“Lots of people were trying to get a cost effective solution, small groups, 20 passengers, why put them on a 56 seat passenger coach,” said Tisdale Bus Lines Manager Jason Hallett.  
“Not for profit organizations say they can’t afford to go on a full size coach, school buses are not an option so lets go for a 24 passenger smaller option. Something that is comfortable, safe, it’s got dual axel,” he says noting groups can save 30 to 35 per cent off the full-size coach bus price.  
The bus is smaller, does not have TV’s or a bathroom, but instead has comfortable seating along with the top priority, WIFI and USB plugs. 
The bus isn’t ideal for hockey teams as the bus doesn’t have the a lot of storage but he still expects a lot of sports teams to take advantage of the new smaller bus.   
The Titans Swim Team used the bus this weekend and it was well received as the club ventured to Sault Ste. Marie for a meet.  
“The new mini bus that Tisdale now offers was a suitable option for our club to travel to Sault Ste. Marie in,” said Lee Anne Dawson, Titans’ Swim and Meet Coordinator.
“Most of the time we charter the larger bus, but being that we had a smaller group of swimmers this time around, the mini bus was an excellent alternative especially with our main goal being to get our swimmers to the destination safely during the winter.”
Hallett says this small mini bus is unique to the north and with the popularity of the new bus, he may be adding another one to the fleet.    
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