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Motoring expert Richard Aucock reviews his top new car picks from the Motability Scheme’s latest quarterly car price list for 2023. From eye-catching electric cars to roomy estates and SUVs there’s something for everyone, no matter your needs or budget. 
The prices shown are valid for applications placed before 31 December 2023.
The latest Motability quarterly pricing guide is now out –featuring an extensive range of more than 800 cars. There’s a broad choice of more than 100 models that offer no Advance Payment, including double the number of electric cars.  
With so many exciting cars available on the Motability Scheme, some customers may appreciate a helping hand. So, I’ve been through the latest quarterly pricing guide and chosen seven different types of cars that are worth checking out. I’ve included a broad range of different vehicle types, including a stylish new electric SUV, a fashionable choice for under-25s and a desirable five-door that costs less than your weekly allowance.
They’ve also introduced a new vehicle comparison function to the car search tool to make it easier for you to compare the cars you’re interested in.  Read on to discover seven new Motability cars that you might consider adding to your shortlist.
The vibrant Toyota Aygo X is a city-friendly car that’s perfect for under-25s. It is compact, easy to drive and full of fun. Motability customers can also benefit from choosing a wide range of configurations with their local dealer.
The Toyota Aygo X is a characterful car. It’s infused with mini-SUV styling cues, with a raised ride height and tough body plastics to shrug off city scrapes. Those inside have a commanding view out, and it feels safe and secure to drive.
The 1.0-litre petrol engine returns nearly 59mpg, so it won’t cost a fortune to run. This well-equipped Edge version, which has eye-catching 18-inch alloy wheels and a touchscreen stereo with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.
It also costs less than your weekly allowance, adding further appeal.
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Alternatives to consider: Other easy-to-drive cars available on the Motability Scheme for under-25s include the Hyundai i10 and Kia Picanto. The SEAT Ibiza, Citroen C3 and Dacia Sandero all offer a little more space while also being cheap to run. 
Peugeot 208
The chic Peugeot 208 is a small car with all the attributes of a much larger one. It has a sophisticated interior, an easy-going engine and is a breeze to drive even on the motorway – with the added appeal of costing less than your weekly allowance on the Motability Scheme. 
Despite costing just £67 a week, this Peugeot 208 1.2 PureTech 100 Active Premium + model does not skimp on features. The turbocharged petrol engine has good pulling power and the well-equipped interior includes a colourful touchscreen system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.
The five-door body gives added practicality, and the Peugeot 208’s 311-litre boot will stow around two large suitcases – with standard folding rear seats expanding the space even further. Best of all, the Peugeot 208 is a joy to drive, and I guarantee will put a smile on your face.
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Alternatives to consider: There are currently more than 40 cars on the Motability Scheme that cost less than your weekly allowance. Highlights for me include the Vauxhall Crossland and Vauxhall Mokka, Hyundai i10 and the Dacia Sandero Stepway.
Dacia Jogger
The Dacia Jogger is a really clever 7-seater car. It has a unique bodystyle that blends estate car with crossover SUV. This gives a raised ride height for easy access, and a very roomy interior. The fact it is available with an advance payment from £995 is an added draw.
The ingenious Dacia Jogger is great for passengers. It has three rows of seats, and each is positioned higher than the one in front, so everyone has a good view out, as well as plenty of room. The third row of seats fold flat and are also removable too, making the boot even bigger and more practical.
The 1.0 TCe engine responds well when you press the accelerator pedal. It averages almost 49mpg, so should be really good on fuel. Expression trim also brings luxurious climate control, keyless entry, front and rear parking sensors plus an 8.0-inch media display that replicates your smartphone on the dashboard.
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Alternatives to consider: The SEAT Tarraco is a luxurious car with 7 seats, available in a broad range of trims on the Motability Scheme. The electric Citroen Berlingo is another 7 seat choice with the added appeal of zero-emissions motoring. 
BYD Atto 3
The BYD Atto 3 is a new family-sized electric small SUV from this fast-growing new brand. Its dealers are starting to pop up all over the UK, meaning you’re likely to spot one out on the road sooner rather than later.
The BYD Atto 3 is an EV with a range of up to 261 miles. It has a powerful electric motor too, delivering more than 200bhp, for snappy acceleration that’s bound to put a smile on your face. On the move, it can use a rapid charger to top the battery up from 10% to 80% in around 40 minutes.
The BYD Atto 3 is really well-equipped, particularly in the design grade I’ve chosen here. It even has a huge colour screen in the front that rotates from landscape to portrait format at the touch of a button. Practicality isn’t overlooked either, with lots of space for five and an enormous 555-litre boot. When you combine all this with nil Advance Payment, it’s easy to see the appeal.
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Alternatives to consider: With more than 130 electric cars currently available on the Motability Scheme, there’s something for everyone. The GWM ORA Funky Cat is sure to put a smile on your face, as is the MG4, and both are available for nil Advance Payment. Meanwhile the Cupra Born, Renault Megane E-Tech and Kia Niro EV are all available for Advance Payments of under £500.
Ford Focus
For many Motability Scheme customers, nothing beats the all-round practicality of a traditional five-door estate car. The Ford Focus Estate is one of the best out there – and also one of the most affordable, with the 1.0 EcoBoost ST-Line model I’ve chosen here enjoying nil Advance Payment.
The Ford Focus Estate has for years been a popular choice on the Motability Scheme. It is easy to drive, comfortable on long journeys, and this 1.0 EcoBoost version combines good fuel economy with plenty of pulling power.
The estate car boot is long and square, offering plenty of easy-to-access space. The low sill height will be appreciated by many, too. Meanwhile, ST-Line trim gives it a sporty look that you’ll be proud to have parked outside your home. 
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Alternatives to consider: There are more than 40 different estate cars to choose from on the Motability Scheme. The Kia ProCeed is a stylish choice, while the Kia Ceed Estate offers even more space. The new Vauxhall Astra Estate is a fresh-looking alternative to the Ford Focus Estate with Advance Payments from £999.
Seat Ateca
The SEAT Ateca is popular family-sized five-door large SUV that’s one of the Spanish brand’s most highly-rated models. The version we’ve chosen here comes with the powerful 1.5 TSI EVO engine, which has fun performance and decent fuel economy.
The SEAT Ateca has a huge 510-litre boot. This is big enough to hold four large suitcases with ease. The boot is also long and wide, with a flat floor to make getting things in and out easier. Fold the rear seats flat and it expands to a capacious 1,604 litres.
This SEAT Ateca comes in racy-looking FR trim. It has head-turning features outside and in to give it an appealing, sporty appearance. It’s also really well equipped, with plenty of features as standard. And not only is the boot big, but the five-seat interior has plenty of space for passengers as well.
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Alternatives to consider: If you need a car with a big boot, other affordable choices on the Motability Scheme include the Vauxhall Grandland, Skoda Karoq and Nissan Qashqai. The electric Citroen Berlingo is also ultra-capacious, with an advance payment of £995.
Renault Captur E-Tech
Plug-in hybrid cars give a city-ready electric car range, and also have a regular petrol or diesel engine to make longer journeys easier. If you can plug in and charge them at home, they are a great stepping stone into electric motoring – as the Renault Captur E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid 160 proves.
The Renault Captur plug-in hybrid offers up to 30 miles of pure electric driving, before the 1.6-litre petrol engine takes over.
To drive, the plug-in hybrid version is as fun to drive as other Renault Captur. The five-seat interior is comfortable and the boot is flexible too – a sliding rear seat allows you to vary it from 265 litres to 379 litres. 
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Alternatives to consider: If you don’t want to keep plugging in your car, a regular ‘self-charging’ hybrid might be more convenient. Luckily, there is a Renault Captur Full Hybrid 145 alternative to the Plug-in Hybrid 160. Another option is the fun Toyota Yaris, currently available for nil Advance Payment.
*This is the amount of your higher rate mobility allowance which will continue to be paid to you by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This amount is based on the weekly allowance rate of £71.00 (as of 10 April 2023) and will increase if the DWP makes its annual allowance increase.
There are three pricing options available when leasing through the Motability Scheme:
There are cars that cost just some of your mobility allowance. This means you can spend the rest of your allowance as you want, including if it goes up in the future.
This is known as a fixed or ‘constant’ lease.
View cars that cost some of your mobility allowance
There are also many cars that cost all of your allowance. This means we’ll always receive your total mobility allowance, even if it goes up during your lease. It is known as a variable lease.
There is no Advance Payment on these models. These cars will display the words ‘Total Mobility Allowance’ on the specifications page for weekly rental amount on the Car Search tool.
View cars that cost your total mobility allowance
You can increase your choice further by paying a one-off, non-refundable upfront payment which we call an Advance Payment. The Advance Payment covers the cost between your mobility allowance and the total cost of your lease.
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Payments are deducted from your qualifying mobility allowance every four weeks, then paid directly to us by your benefits payment agency. If you choose a car that costs less than your allowance, the remainder is paid directly to you by the benefits payment agency.
No matter which car you choose, all come with our all-inclusive package of insurance, breakdown cover, servicing, tyres and glass repair and replacement.
If you’d like to join over 650,000 customers already enjoying the benefits of a worry-free lease package through the Scheme, start exploring the full range of cars available using our Car Search tool to narrow down your options.
Our price lists are updated every three months, so you can be assured you’re getting the best prices from each manufacturer. The dates the new prices are published are: 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October.
The Motability Scheme offers an all-inclusive package. If you are in receipt of a qualifying mobility allowance you can use it to lease a car, scooter, powered wheelchair or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV). The Scheme provides flexible and hassle-free access to a brand-new, reliable vehicle of your choice.
To join the Scheme, you must be in receipt of a qualifying mobility allowance. Use our eligibility checker to see if you can join.
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