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With decades of experience and an ongoing commitment to innovation, Europcar remains a key player in the car rental industry, offering customers convenient and flexible mobility solutions worldwide. Their loyalty program, Privilege Club, is therefore an interesting option to consider if you happen to rent a car.
Europcarnow one of the world’s largest car rental companies, traces its roots back to the post-war years when a Parisian visionary named Raoul-Louis Mattei had an innovative idea: to allow people to rent cars when they needed them, even if they couldn’t afford to buy one. And so, in 1949, L’Abonnement Automobile was born, a company that would later become Compagnie Internationale Europcars and then Europcar.
The concept of driverless car rental has quickly caught on with the public, responding to a real need for mobility. In 1951, Abonnement Automobile was the first car rental company of its kind, with a fleet of 750 Renault 4 CVs.
Today, under the name Europcar Mobility Group, the company has an average fleet of more than 300,000 vehicles and serves more than 9.5 million customers in over 140 countries worldwide.
Despite its expansion and growth, the original vision that inspired the group’s creation remains intact. Europcar Mobility Group continues to respond to changing mobility needs and adapts its business model to the era of the usage and sharing economy.
Europcar Mobility Group now offers a wide range of car and van rentals, from short term rentals of a few hours to daily, weekly, monthly and longer rentals.
Europcar offers its customers a diversified fleet to meet all their mobility needs and avoid bad experiences. Whatever your destination or preference, Europcar is likely to have the right vehicle for you.
Europcar offers compact and city cars for exploring Europe’s small towns. These fuel-efficient vehicles are ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces and provide an agile driving experience.
Europcar offers a fleet of electric cars that combine performance and environmental responsibility. They offer a clean, quiet ride and feature cutting-edge technologies for a modern, eco-friendly driving experience.
The company also simplifies the charging of these electric cars by taking care of the process, eliminating the need to stop at gas stations.
Choosing an electric car with Europcar means saving on fuel costs, with savings of around €8 per 100 km compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle.
Europcar has a wide range of electric cars, from the Hyundai Kona, an SUV with a range of up to 484 km, to the Lynk & Co 01, a plug-in hybrid that adapts to your needs, to the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter and Tesla.
Convertibles, SUVs, sports cars. Europcar has a range of luxury cars to suit all tastes and requirements. Whether you want to drive a Mercedes, BMW, Tesla or Lynk & Co, it’s possible.
Europcar provides practical, economical vans for large transport or moving jobs. Please note that the use of these vehicles is restricted to mainland France, excluding Corsica. Renting a van to live the van life on Europe’s roads is therefore impossible.
Europcar has nearly 4,000 locations worldwide in more than 140 countries. In France and the European Union, you can find Europcar in almost every major city.
When you rent a car with Europcar, you will automatically be covered by the Basic Protection. This policy gives you peace of mind, but limits your financial responsibility in the event of theft or collision to a maximum deductible of 1100 euros.
There are also two additional insurance packages, Medium and Premium, which, for an additional fee, protect customers against glass breakage, headlights and tires, and offer personal protection in the event of an accident.
If you do not take out the insurance offered by Europcar,However, it is essential to make an inventory, analyze the vehicle and take photos of any defects, especially on the rocker panel, the underside, the rear deck and the bumpers, so that the company doesn’t blame you when you return the vehicle.
There is one important exception: if your trip takes you to the USA or Canada, the Basic Protection package is not included in your booking.
It is not mandatory to take an insurance pack when renting a car. It’s also useful to know that you can choose customized insurance to suit your needs.
When you’re on the road, the journey can bring surprises, some less pleasant than others. Vehicle damage or theft are situations for which it is wise to be prepared. Europcar offers several options to protect you against these eventualities.
Unless Europcar is able to recover the amount of the damage by establishing the liability of a third party, the renter is liable for all damage and/or theft to the vehicle during the rental period. To mitigate this liability, it is possible to purchase optional coverage for each day of rental.
In addition to protecting the vehicle itself, Europcar offers insurance options to cover the driver, passengers and personal belongings.
Tip: Car rental companies often sell insurance at exorbitant prices. To avoid extra charges on your next rental, be sure to pay for the reservation with a credit card that offers car rental insurance, such as the American Express and Visa Premier cards from Société Générale, BNP Paribas, HSBC France and BforBank. You won’t pay more than you need to, and you’ll have peace of mind.
Europcar‘s loyalty program, called Privilege Club, offers travelers a host of benefits and rewards with every rental. Customers can join the program and start earning points from their very first rental.
Therefore, the program is designed to reward member loyalty with status updates every two years from the date of enrollment. In order to upgrade to a higher level or simply maintain current status, members must meet or exceed rental or rental day requirements before their membership level expires or by using certain credit cards.
Member benefits include a 10% discount on car or van rentals of more than three days and a faster, time-saving vehicle pickup process. A secure reservation also guarantees that the reserved vehicle will be available, even in the event of delays.
Club Privilege is the entry level. After just two rentals, status holders will receive a 10 Euro discount voucher and after the third rental, a free weekend.
Thanks to strong partnerships, status holders can even enjoy a 15% discount at all participating Accor hotels. The opposite is also true. If you are a Flying Blue member, for example, you can earn Miles for every rental.
Privilege Executive status is available to people with at least ten rentals or 40 rental days. In addition to all the benefits offered to Club Privilege status holders, Privilege Executive status holders are entitled to these additional privileges:
This premium status is offered to anyone who has made more than 25 rentals with Europcar or rented cars for at least 85 days. In addition to all the above benefits, this status comes with these additional privileges:
Privilege Elite VIP status, Europcar’s highest status, is offered to all company customers who have made more than 40 rentals or rented cars for at least 130 days. The big advantage of this status is free Priority Pass membership, which can be used at over 1,000 airports worldwide. And unlike the Privilege Elite, the 30-euro discount coupon is available after the fourth rental.
Europcar stands out for its quality service and attentive employees, its professional environment, its fleet variety, its ease of booking, its transparent pricing, its easy pick-up and drop-off and its attractive loyalty program.
One of Europcar‘s strengths lies in the diversity of its fleet of vehicles. Like Sixt, one of its biggest competitors, it offers a wide range of cars, from city cars to SUVs and environmentally-friendly electric models, to meet the varied needs of travelers.
Booking procedures, whether online or by phone, are simple and efficient. The rates are transparent, so there is no ambiguity about the cost, and they are often very attractive. What’s more, Europcar stands out for the ease with which vehicles can be picked up and dropped off, as well as for its active, attentive customer service.
Despite its many assets, Europcar is not immune to some negative customer reviews. Although Europcar enjoys a solid reputation and a large number of positive reviews, there are also criticisms linked to vehicle cleanliness, refund delays, fuel policies and customer service.
The cleanliness of the vehicles is one of Europcar‘s weak points. Some customers who have had bad experiences have reported that the cars are not always clean when they are picked up. Delays in returning security deposits are also often cited. Many customers have expressed their frustration at the slowness of the refund process.
Finally, although similar to its competitors, Europcar‘s fuel policy has also been criticized. In fact, as is often the case when renting a car, the vehicle must be returned with a full tank of fuel, otherwise additional charges may apply and the rental price may be higher than expected.
Europcar, Sixt and Enterprise are among the top-rated and best-known car rental companies. These three companies have built a solid reputation for customer service, making them the first choice for car rental.
To avoid bad experiences, we strongly recommend renting a car on the website of a well-established company. Europcar, Sixt and Enterprise are some of the best car rental companies. All three companies have solid reputations and offer excellent customer service. Turo, a private car rental company, is also worth keeping an eye on.
According to a recent survey by Carigami, a specialist comparison site, small city cars – the most affordable vehicles available – are very popular among French drivers. In fact, models such as the Renault Twingo or the Fiat 500 account for more than a third (35%) of car rentals. Economical city cars such as the Fiat Punto or Ford Fiesta account for a quarter of all rentals (26%), closely followed by small cars such as the Renault Mégane or Opel Astra, which account for 24%.
There’s one little trick you can use to save money when renting a car from Europcar: subscribe to the newsletter. In fact, when you sign up for the car rental company’s newsletter, you’ll receive a -25% promo code, valid on the first time you rent a car with Europcar. The coupon is valid only once.
Finding a Europcar promo code is easy. Europcar shares all current promo codes on this page. So don’t hesitate to take a look at it before you rent a car, to see if there’s a promotion going on that you might be able to take advantage of.
According to recent customer reviews, the Europcar agency at Nice airport seems to offer a positive experience and a warm welcome. Efficiency and speed of care would be the order of the day, with friendly, smiling staff. However, some customers pointed out that although the return process was quick and efficient, additional mileage fees were charged.
All in all, the Europcar agency at Nice airport seems to offer a quality car rental service, characterized by a friendly welcome and rapid pick-up. However, customers are advised to clarify the details of their rental, particularly with regard to packages, to avoid additional charges when returning the vehicle.


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