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This was published 10 years ago
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Matthew Lowe – an electrician turned pilot for a major drug syndicate – has been found guilty of murdering nightclub promoter Yengo Faugere, whose remains were found in a barrel in the back of a ute at a property at St Leonards on the Bellarine Peninsula.
Mr Faugere, 23, had been the cook for the drug syndicate run by Brok Seckold, who was planning to set up a franchise in the Philippines to import product into Australia.
Victim: Yengo Faugere.
Lowe, 24, Seckold's right hand man, was found guilty by a Supreme Court jury on Thursday of murdering Mr Faugere in October 2011 but not guilty of kidnapping Mr Faugere.
In his closing address to the jury, Crown prosecutor Daryl Brown said Mr Faugere had been kidnapped from his Maribyrnong home and taken to Mansfield where he was murdered and his body later dismembered.
Mr Brown said Lowe had been part of a joint criminal enterprise to murder Mr Faugere.
Mr Faugere was killed after being recruited by Seckold to cook methamphetamines, known as meth or ice, at a clandestine drug laboratory in Canterbury before police discovered it by chance in July 2011.
A real estate agent had gone to check on the property after the rent had not been paid and found the lab.
Seckold, 30, who the jury was not told had been found guilty on October 10 by another jury of kidnapping and murdering Mr Faugere, wrongly believed Mr Faugere had stolen the drugs, tipped off police to cover up the theft and was planning to make his own ice.
The prosecutor said Seckold then formed a joint criminal enterprise with Lowe and others to kill Mr Faugere.
Mr Brown said Lowe bought the Nissan Navara ute, which was later found at the St Leonards property, from a Seymour couple on October 17, 2011, for $1500 cash using a fake NSW driver's licence.
The next day Lowe and another man hired a Toyota HiAce van from a car rental business in Essendon that had secretly installed GPS devices on their cars so they would know where their cars were if they were not returned.
Police later used the GPS records to track the van's movements, revealing it was parked near Mr Faugere's Maribyrnong home at 2am on October 20, 2011, before being driven off more than 2.5 hours later.
The prosecution case was that Mr Faugere had been kidnapped during this time before being driven to Mansfield and killed.
Seckold and other gang members then bought a boat for $7500 with the intention of dumping Mr Faugere's remains in the bay, Mr Brown said.
But defence barrister Damian Sheales said there was no evidence linking Lowe to the kidnap or murder.
Mr Sheales said it was "mind-boggling" that Lowe, who has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, was standing trial over Mr Faugere's kidnap and murder.
He said there was simply no evidence linking Lowe to the crime.
"The reality here is who knows what happened. Wouldn't have a clue," Mr Sheales said.
The jury did not hear evidence given during Seckold's trial by one of the drug kingpin's old school friends, Lloyd Jenman, as to how Seckold boasted of having kidnapped Mr Faugere and taking him to a field at an unspecified location (believed to be at Mansfield) and shooting him in the side of the head.
Mr Jenman claimed Seckold told him a chainsaw was then used to cut up Mr Faugere's body before it was dissolved in acid.
Lowe and Seckold will be sentenced on a date to be fixed.
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