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Find out the insurance requirements, the documents you must provide at the Oman border.
Dubai: Planning to drive to Oman for a short vacation but want to use a rental car or borrow a relative’s or friend’s car? Well, if you are UAE resident, it is possible to drive to Oman in a vehicle not registered under your name. However, you need to make sure you have the required documents that you would need to submit in such a situation.
You can drive to Oman in a borrowed vehicle, however, you need to have a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the car owner.
“The NOC has to be notarised and must be in Arabic. The letter will state that the owner has given permission to the driver to use their vehicle, and it should include the chassis number, vehicle registration details and the Emirates ID number of the driver,” Zeeshan Hassan Abdulrahman, the CEO of PROX Car Rental, told Gulf News.
When it comes to a rented car, the NOC will be provided to you by the rental company, according to Qaiser Abbas, co-founder of Dubai-based car dealership Expat Car Buyers.
Talking about all the documents you need to have with you when going to Oman in a rented car, Abbas said: “You will need an No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the rental company, a valid driving licence and a vehicle registration card,” he said.
According to Abbas, apart from having a No Objection Certificate from the vehicle owner, you also need to provide an ownership certificate of the vehicle, along with the vehicle registration card. An ownership certificate of the vehicle is issued by the transport authority of the emirate in which your car is registered. For example, in Dubai, you can apply for a vehicle ownership certificate with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).
The car you are driving also needs to have insurance coverage in Oman. According to Abdulrahman, if you plan to take a rented car, it is advisable to rent one from a multinational company, as they would have a wider insurance coverage, which would include insurance coverage in Oman, too.
“Firstly, they have branches in Oman, which is a major plus point in case of any mishap with the car, as they will be able to replace the car. Secondly, they have full insurance in Oman as well,” he said.
He added that if a car is being driven from the UAE to Oman, car rental companies do charge higher fees for insurance purposes. The cost can depend on the company and how long you plan to use the car in Oman.
Even if the car rental company is not a multinational one, you can still check with them if the insurance coverage extends to Oman.
According to Abbas, most rental cars have wider coverage insurance in Oman. But if that is not the case, you can buy car insurance at the border. The motor insurance for Oman is also referred to as ‘Orange Card’, which can cost anywhere from Dh150 to Dh200.
You also need to inform the rental car company that you plan on using the car to travel to Oman, and the arrangements – which includes the insurance approval and providing the NOC – need to be made a few days in advance.
UAE residents travelling to Oman by road are eligible for visa on arrival, which is valid for 14 days. At the border, you will need to provide a valid Emirates ID and passport, and also pay the visa on arrival fee which is 5 OMR (Dh47). For the complete details on how to enter Oman from the UAE and the steps you need to take when your arrive at the Oman border, read our guide here.
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