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Whether you’re roadtrippin’ on the impossibly scenic route to Jebel Jais, having a leisurely drive down ‘Camel Road’ in Ras Al Khaimah, or, taking the slow road to Fujairah because the landscape is just PHENOMENAL, why not do it in UTMOST comfort?!
Enter: The Volkswagen Teramont.
The bold 7-seater is Volkswagen Middle East’s top selling model, it’s super spacious, has seriously impressive design and tech features and is easily up there with the most popular SUVs in the country.

Here in the UAE, we like things big and bold. Hello, Burj Khalifa?! And that’s exactly what the Teramont is. 5 metres long, 2 meters wide and high, this is a seriously robust vehicle, with heaps of extra space making it incredibly comfortable for the whole family!

Families with two or more kids will tell you the benefits of a 7-seater, but it means MORE than just room for extra humans, you’ve got limitless possibilities for space! Sports equipment, luggage, special handbags, (if you know, you know!) plus, there’s room for your WHOLE gang, as the third row can also fit adults, not just your own brood!”

The UAE has it all. Flash rainfall and intense humidity to 45C heat… We’ve lived it! You might expect a squabble or two over-temperature, but thanks to 3-zone temp control, everyone can have an easy-breezy temp-controlled ride!

Ever heard of 17 cupholders… in ONE car?! This means everyone on board can have two drinks on the go at once, the best reason to stay hydrated peeps!

Get your groceries delivered within an hour, fuel your car, sort your laundry… There’s an app for everything in life and connecting to your car has never been easier. Drivers, you can get hooked up to a mix of essential apps to enhance your driving experience!

Since travelling abroad is not really an option, and many of us are turning to road trips across the UAE for our big summer vacay, you’ll got heaps of room to fit in EVERYTHING, from surfboards and bicycles, and you can even fit a mattress!
And thanks to the foldable third-row seats there’s actually MORE boot space than meets the eye on first glance. Amazing

EVERY parent knows just how useful it is to have devices like iPads and Tvs for a journey with the little ones. You’ll also know these need to be charged at all times! Most cars have 1 USB port, but the Teramont has a whopping 4 ready to go. Go forth and drive in peace!

Volkswagen globally is proud to offer affordable innovation to its customers. E-mobility, smart mobility and the digital transformation of the brand are the key strategic topics for the future.
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