UAE announces free "smart umbrella" rental service in Dubai – صحيفة اخبارنا

The RTA has introduced a novel smart service, now accessible at Al Ghubaiba Bus and Metro stations, offering commuters the convenience of borrowing umbrellas free of charge through their Nol cards.
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This initiative, launched on Saturday, aims to address common challenges faced by individuals caught in unexpected rain showers without suitable protection.
The 'smart umbrella service' is currently undergoing a three-month trial period, with plans for potential expansion to other stations contingent upon its evaluation. Khaled Al Awadhi, director for transportation systems at the RTA's Public Transport Agency, emphasized the authority's commitment to enhancing commuter experiences and promoting sustainable transportation solutions.
Operational details of the service involve accessing umbrellas stored in designated stands within Al Ghubaiba Bus or Metro station by tapping a Nol card on the machine provided. Developed in collaboration with Canadian company UmbraCity, the initiative aligns with Dubai's vision of fostering walkable and inclusive communities while offering practical solutions to weather-related challenges.
The RTA and UmbraCity have joined together to emphasize their mutual dedication to improving city life and promoting sustainable urban transportation. The project helps Dubai achieve its goal of becoming a "20-minute city," where people can easily meet their everyday requirements without leaving their homes, by making necessities like umbrellas more accessible through creative and user-friendly methods.
Amir Entezari, CEO of UmbraCity, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting its potential to promote sustainable urban development and improve the overall quality of life. Through initiatives like the smart umbrella service, stakeholders are working towards creating more vibrant and resilient urban environments conducive to the well-being of all residents.
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