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Scan any location through RTA’s Wojhati app for bus service updates
Dubai: Commuters can now track all public transport buses and Dubai metro trains live on the mobile phones through the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Wojhati app, a senior official told Gulf News.
Highlighting the authority’s innovative solutions that are on display at the Future Transport Museum at RTA’s headquarters, Adel Shakeri, director of Transportation Systems, said that providing real-time information is key to helping commuters plan their trips better.
“We are constantly working on upgrading our systems and bring in innovative solutions for the convenience of commuters. The latest upgrade to Wojhati app is one such effort. We have added live tracking of buses and metro so that commuters can plan their journey better,” said Shakeri.
He added that the feature will particularly help tourists find buses on different routes, nearest stations and next bus to a particular destination.
“Commuters can track all buses live, for now only on the android phones, and can see what are the available options for a particular destination. People can also track their metro trips both while travelling on the train as well as outside it. This helps people know when the next train or bus is any time of the day,” said Shakeri.
The app is equipped with augmented reality technology and even works offline.
“Wojhati is the easiest way to find your way around the city both for tourists and residents. All you have to do is open the app, tap on augmented reality and point your phone to a particular direction and the camera will scan and present a list of options available nearby,” explained Shakeri.
The app is also integrated with different social media platforms and commuters can share their trip information on Facebook, WhatsApp and other applications.
Be In Be Out
Among key transport innovations the authority is currently studying is the BiBo or Be In Be Out system.
BiBo is an advanced contactless payment system that will redesign Nol to work without punching or swiping the card.
“We are doing trials on this right now. This is an amazing system that is currently in operation in only one or two cities in the world. The system gets rid of the step for commuters to physically punch the card to the reading machine in buses or metro stations. All you have to do is carry the card on you and pass the system will automatically read the card from a distance,” said Shakeri.
The system if implemented will save RTA the hassle of tracking fare dodges, particularly on buses, while saving commuters the headache if they forget to punch the Nol card.
Another important innovation that the RTA has already implemented is the integration of Makani with the taxi GPS.
“If you are booking a taxi now and struggling to give out your address, all you have to do is send your Makani coordinates, which is found in all buildings in Dubai. If you are a tourist and you are visiting a friend you can get the coordinates from the friend and give it to the taxi driver who will feed it in the system and take you to the doorstep of your destination,” said Shakeri.
Taxi drivers are being trained to use the new system and by next year, 50 per cent of the taxis will be Makani ready.
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