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Like it or not, just about every type of vehicle is getting electric power these days. We’re not just talking about daily drivers here, but also commercial vehicles. Toyota is well aware of this, which is why it has been doubling down on electric commercial vehicle concepts lately.

Recently, Toyota gave some hints as to what we can expect in its display for the upcoming Japan Mobility Show 2023. Aside from its latest models (Prado, Alphard, Century), there might be a chance the Tamaraw makes an appearance. But one of the models confirmed by the brand is the Hiace.

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The Toyota Hiace BEV Concept
Of course, we’re not just talking about any other Hiace here. Simply dubbed the Toyota Hiace BEV Concept, it’s exactly what it says on the lid. To further simplify, it’s an electric version of the popular van.

It uses the low-roof, long-wheelbase configuration like the GL Grandia, and it has swing out split doors (aka Dutch doors) at the back for more flexible loading options. Of course, it gets EV styling cues, so it does away with a grille, and it has a pair of futuristic looking to complete the look. Think of it then as a cyberpunk Toyota Hiace.

The Toyota Hiace BEV Concept
The concept is intended for commercial use, so don’t expect Super Grandia-like luxuries inside. If anything, it’s as basic as it gets. It doesn’t even have a front passenger seat, maximizing every bit of floor space to make it an effective cargo van. Toyota says the electric van can accommodate items up to 3.5 meters long.

The Toyota Hiace BEV Concept
As for the driver’s area, the electric Hiace does get a few upgrades from the standard diesel-fed version. For starters, there’s a fully digital instrument cluster. Then there’s the larger infotainment screen that looks more like a tablet. Lastly, the mechanical gear selector has been replaced by a dial.

There are no details regarding its powertrain just yet, so power, performance, and range are yet to be determined. We’re certain that Toyota will release more details at the show, and we’ll be there once it’s out. That said, it’s been suggested that the electric Hiace will reach production in the near future, arriving sometime in 2025 or 2026.

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