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The top 5 most popular car brands launch their new model every year. And the car enthusiasts eagerly wait to get their hands on the new launch. UAE, renowned for its luxury, is an ideal venue for brands to showcase their latest models. In the coming year, we will be witnessing an upgrade and facelift to the most exceptional versions of these brands.
In this guide, look forward to cars set in motion by famous car brands.
Creta, the luxurious and commendable car, is set for an uplift in 2024 the UAE market. Hyundai Creta’s spectacular exterior and crisp design offer an adventurous ride, ensuring resilience and safety to its owners.  It has a 1.5L engine and a powerful IVT transmission for an efficient performance. Moreover, the remarkable features in the new Hyundai Creta promise connectivity, offering a blue link to stay connected to your car through the embodied Alexa and GPS in Creta. 
BMW, known for being a lavish and high-performance luxury car brand, is launching the BMW iX in the fast technology market. 2024 is becoming the year of electric automobiles. Hence, the BMW has switched to dual electric motors, staying the king of the luxury cars market.
Moreover, the iX offers brilliant performance with a maximum horsepower 610hp and shifts to sensors for efficient driving. It delivers convenience and innovation with a future stance.  Further, it is manufactured with a minimalist interior design and sleek exterior features, giving extensive details to the addition.
When looking for comfort, there is nothing more reliable than a 7-seater SUV, Nissan Patrol Safari, with its spacious interior and plush seats. It is a SUV with automatic features available in the UAE.  You can discover new adventures with Patrol Safari in 2024 and take roads not driven before with its 4.8L engine and 4WD functionality. Not only that, Nissan Patrol will elevate your expectations with its high speed and off-road experience, giving thrill, safety, and comfort in every way possible.
KIA Telluride is set to hit the market in the coming year with its three variants, LX, EX, and EX X-Line, offering consumers a unique and diverse experience. It will be available in one transmission, automatic only, in Dubai. Each variant is spectacularly built, providing distinctive features in all.
These three KIA Telluride additions are committed to offering modern, comfortable, secure, and resilient vehicles in the market. The LX and EX are midsize SUVs with 3.8L V6 engines. Both offer modern technologies for safety and comfort, with a few variations based on consumer preferences. At the same time, the EX X-Line is another version of EX Telluride that features off-road performance with its rugged exterior.
The upcoming new Grand Highlander by Toyota is set to revolutionize the SUV market with its spacious interior and an 8-seater ride for your family. What’s unique about this Highlander is that it is an extended version of the contemporary Highlander, offering comfort and space to the extent.
Moreover, It maximizes convenience with its 3 powertrains, gas, hybrid, and hybrid max, making the drive easier. Additionally, it has 2.4L turbo engine and 2.5L cylinder for hybrid. Lastly, It offers an all-wheel drive and is designed to provide an automatic system for safety assistance.

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