'The Sassy Trucker' reportedly detained in Dubai for yelling in public – CDLLife

A truck driver and social media personality followed by hundreds of thousands of people is reportedly being held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for screaming at another person in public.
Houston resident Tierra Allen, 29, is better known online as “The Sassy Trucker.” She has more than 182,000 followers on TikTok and a large following on both the Instagram and Facebook social media platforms. According to her videos, Allen has been driving trucks since 2017 and specializes in auto hauling.
According to Houston news outlet Fox 26, about two months ago, Allen was vacationing in Dubai and riding as a passenger in a rental car that was involved in a crash. Following the collision, Allen attempted to retrieve her I.D., credit card, and other items left behind with the vehicle from the car rental company.
Allen’s mother Tina Baxter told the outlet that Allen was asked to pay a sum of money in order to get her items back. This resulted in an altercation with a male rental car worker during which Allen allegedly screamed in a public area. The incident was caught on surveillance video.
Now, according to Baxter, Allen was issued a charge related to screaming in public and is not allowed to leave the UAE. She has been detained in the country since the crash with her passport being held by authorities pending a court date.
Allen does have legal representation in Dubai but may face jail time on the charge.
The UAE has strict morality laws. According to the BBC, behaviors like swearing or making an obscene gesture in Dubai can result in jail time.
Check out one of Allen’s TikTok videos below.


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