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Dear Editor,
Zero Tolerance is the name of the Traffic Campaign to be launched on November 1, 2007, that was prompted by the road carnage, which claimed some eighteen lives in three separate accidents.
Though I believe that it has come a bit late as the Police are usually re-active rather than pro-active, I still welcome the initiative by the Asst Commissioner of Police and applaud the move to first engage the Mini Bus Drivers and Hire car owners in dialogue this Sunday.
The Linden Mini Bus and Car Association had published in one of the newspapers some very good suggestions for improvement in curbing the traffic lawlessness in that area and I hope that they would attend Sunday’s meeting to air their views.
Lastly, it’s enforcement that is pivotal to arresting this run away traffic madness and of course fairness by the traffic policemen in administering the law. As users of the roadway, we all have a responsibility to use the road with care, caution and common sense.
Yours faithfully,
(name and address supplied)
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