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Short-term and long-term bus rentals available with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority
Dubai: The Roads Transport Authority’s bus-for-rent service has become a big hit with agencies that require mass transit systems on both short-term and long-term basis.
RTA’s Public Transport Agency said it had negotiated 960 bus rental contracts with interested parties in Dubai as part of its Tajeer service. Patrons include hotels and tour operators in Dubai as it gives them a chance “to deliver best-in-class services to tourists.”
The service offers a variety of buses for rent to transport employees of those entities.
Basel Ebrahim Saad, director of buses, RTA’s Public Transport Agency said, the entity launched the bus rental service in 2012 to offer a range of buses procured from the world’s top bus manufacturers.
“These buses are offered for rent under short-term contracts (one day to six months), and long-term contracts (more than six months). Government, semi-government entities as well as private firms, including tourist companies and hotels, can rent RTA buses through the link http://www.tajeer.rta.ae/index.aspx,” Saad said.
“Standard or deluxe buses can be allocated, depending on the preference of the client and the purpose of use. The agency deploys highly skilled and competent drivers who are well turned out and trained to give top customer service. RTA pays continuous attention to the performance and class of drivers who act as ambassadors of the RTA,” he added.
Deluxe coaches have a seating capacity of 26 to 46 riders while standard buses can accommodate 34 passengers. Articulated buses and double-deckers, on the other hand, have a capacity of 48 passengers. RTA buses are environment-friendly as they are fitted with advanced engines powered by a fuel with low-sulphur content.
“These buses are controlled and monitored through the Operations Control Centre (OCC), which boasts the latest technologies in operation 24/7. In case of any fault or incident, the agency is committed to provide relief buses,” Saad said.
“Additional services can be offered if the clients wish so, such as the attendance control devices, internet, breakfast, newspapers and other services for offer on board,” he added.
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