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Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) is the main international airport for the twin cities of Minnesota — Minneapolis and Saint Paul — transporting nearly 40 million passengers in 2019.
The airport is a hub for Delta Air Lines, accounting for approximately 55% of MSP’s annual passenger traffic, and is also home to Minnesota’s hometown carrier, Sun Country Airlines.

Airport: Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)
Terminals: 2 terminals (1 and 2) with 8 concourses (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H)
Airport Address:
Distance From Downtown: Approximately 10 miles (16 km) south of downtown Minneapolis and southwest of downtown Saint Paul
Website: mspairport.com
Phone Number: 612-726-5555
Destinations Served: 125 domestic and 29 international
Number of Daily Flights: 600+
Flight Information: MSP departures and arrival information can be viewed online

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) consists of 2 terminals that are located around 3 miles apart from each other by road and are not connected via any walkways. To travel between terminals, passengers must ride the light rail transit service that stops at both terminals on the METRO Blue Line.
The journey between the terminals is free, but passengers also have the option to ride the Blue Line north or south for onward travel at an additional cost.
Terminal 1 is the larger of the 2 terminals with the majority of flight operations and airport facilities. Some ground transportation services only depart from Terminal 1 (see the section below “Travel To and From MSP” for more details).

Terminal 1 has 7 concourses — A, B, C, D, E, F, and G — from where all flights depart from. The terminal is located at the northwest end of the airport with the concourses surrounding the road system and parking garages.
Concourses A and B are situated at the southeast end, Concourse C extends the length of 1 side, Concourses D, E, and F are along the top of the north end, and Concourse G extends halfway down the other side.
Check-in is at the north end of the terminal, either on level 2 for most airlines or level T for Delta. Level T also has an underground tram that transports passengers to the Skyway security checkpoint.
Passengers departing from the concourses at the top end can pass through 2 security checkpoints at the north and south points of the main terminal area.

Concourse A is at the southeast end of the Terminal 1 area and has 13 gates numbered A2 to A14. Moving walkways extend almost the full length of the concourse, and there are a few shops and restaurants.
Passengers can also visit the shops and restaurants located in Concourse C and then travel to Concourse A via the moving walkways or by riding the underground tram that stops opposite gate C27 on level T.

Concourse B is a satellite concourse located at the south end of the Terminal 1 area. Concourse B has 16 gates numbered B1 to B16 and is accessible by walking along the underground walkway from Concourse C. Access to the walkway is near gate C27 on level T.
There are no concessions in the satellite concourse, so passengers can make use of the shops and restaurants in Concourse C before walking to Concourse B.

Concourse C is the longest concourse stretching from the north to south ends of the Terminal 1 area. Concourse C has 27 gates numbered C1 to C27.
Concourse C has lots of shops and restaurants and a Delta Sky Club. Although there are moving walkways along almost all of Concourse C, there is also an underground tram that runs the full length, with stations at both ends and in the middle.

Concourse D is a small concourse consisting of just 6 gates numbered D1 to D6. Concourse D is located in the northeast corner of the Terminal 1 area just after the north security checkpoint.
There are a few shops and restaurants at the entrance of the concourse, including a McDonald’s.

Concourse E is located at the north end of Terminal 1 and consists of 16 gates numbered E1 to E16.
The north security checkpoint is directly opposite Concourse E, and the MSP Mall is located just outside, in between Concourses E and F. Concourse E itself has several shops and restaurants and a United Club. On the mezzanine level just outside of the concourse is the Escape Lounge.

Concourse F is also positioned at the north end of the Terminal 1 area opposite the south security checkpoint. The concourse has 16 gates numbered F1 to F16 and a Delta Sky Club located at the entrance of the concourse.
There are many shops and restaurants located inside the concourse with more situated just outside the entrance.

Concourse G is on the opposite side of the terminal to Concourses A, B, and C. It runs down half the length of the terminal area and has 20 gates numbered G1 to G5, G6A, G6B, G9 to G15, and G17 to G22.
Moving walkways run the full length of the departure gates, and passengers can pass through the south security checkpoint or the checkpoint near the transit center, depending on their departure gate.

Arrivals is located on level 1 of Terminal 1 where baggage claim is located and you’ll have access to ground transportation.

Terminal 2 is about 3 miles from Terminal 1 and is connected by roadway or light rail only — it’s not possible for passengers to walk between the 2 terminals.
The light rail station is located in the parking building with a walkway connecting to the terminal.
Terminal 2 has 2 security checkpoints that lead through to Concourse H, where there are 15 gates numbered H1 to H6, H7A, and H7 to H14.

Ticketing and baggage claim is located on level 1, along with car rental services and access to ground transportation.
MSP has multiple train/tram systems for transporting passengers around the airport.
Light Rail Transit (LRT)
The LRT connects Terminals 1 and 2 and operates outside of the secure area from below the transit center in Terminal 1 to the transit center attached to the terminal parking building at Terminal 2.
The LRT journey between the 2 terminals is free of charge, however, the line continues from both terminals outside of the airport area, which is subject to a fee.
In Terminal 1, passengers looking to avoid the long walk in Concourse C can choose to ride the tram that runs the full length of the concourse. The tram can also be used to travel to Concourses A and B with stations located near gates C1, C12, and C27.
Another tram also runs from the main terminal building on level T to the transit center to ride the LRT for terminal connections.
This tram can also be used to travel to the security checkpoint located at the southern end of Terminal 1, for access to the higher-numbered gates of Concourses C and G and Concourses A and B.
Once you clear 1 of 3 security checkpoints, you can walk freely between any of the concourses in Terminal 1. The secure area is a large loop around the parking facilities, with 1 side longer than the other for Concourses A, B, and C.
Concourses A, C, and G have moving walkways, while Concourses B, D, E, and F do not (but these are the shorter concourses). It’s not possible to walk between Terminals 1 and 2 — passengers must ride the LRT.
MSP has 7 security checkpoints across its 2 terminals:
Live security wait times for MSP are available to view on the airport’s security page.
Most international flights arrive and depart from Terminal 1; passengers are required to clear Immigration and Customs on arrival.
TSA PreCheck is available at the north and south security checkpoints of Terminal 1 and the Terminal 2 security checkpoint 1, open from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.
MSP has a TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center located in Concourse C of Terminal 1, near gate C21. Passengers can apply online and arrange to attend an interview at the airport. The Enrollment Center is open 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Global Entry is available at both terminals for pre-approved passengers arriving back into the U.S. MSP also has an Enrollment Center located in Terminal 1 on the baggage claim level for eligible passengers that need to finalize their application with an interview. The office is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The airport also participates in Enrollment on Arrival, and passengers can visit lane 13 in Terminal 1 or lane 1 in Terminal 2 for their interview.
Hot Tip: Want to find out more about Global Entry? Take a look at our most frequently asked questions about Global Entry, along with our expert answers. 
MSP accepts Mobile Passport Control for passengers entering the U.S. from an international flight.
To utilize this service, complete the “new trip” section within the app on arrival at MSP and present your electronic receipt and passport to a CBP agent.
There are dedicated CLEAR Security Program lanes at the following security checkpoints:
MSP has 5 lounges with 2 available to purchase day passes. The 2 Delta Sky Clubs are exclusively for premium cabin passengers or eligible frequent flyer members. The Armed Forces Service Center is for active-duty military personnel and their dependents.

Saturday: 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.
* Hours are subject to change without notice. Lounge access may be restricted at times due to capacity.
** Day Pass for any passenger. Lounges marked as N/A only allow entry for eligible passengers in their premium cabins, frequent flyer programs, or participating credit card programs.
Hot Tip: Read about the best credit cards for lounge access to avoid paying entry fees to airport lounges.
Eligible Priority Pass holders can use their membership to receive a discount at:
If you’re interested in becoming a member, find out more about Priority Pass memberships as well as the best credit cards for Priority Pass access.
MSP has over 70 restaurants, cafes, and grab-and-go food options. Almost all of these eateries are located within the secure area, so passengers will need to check in and clear security to grab a bite to eat before a flight.
Some concourses don’t have many restaurants (or none at all), so passengers can check out where to eat at MSP on the airport website.
Free Wi-Fi is available throughout MSP in all public areas once passengers have entered the secure area.
To connect, select “MSP Airport WiFi” or “Boingo Hotspot” and you will receive 4 hours of complimentary browsing. Once the timer has expired, passengers can re-connect for another 4-hour session with no limit to the number of sessions available.
Charging Stations: Mobile charging stations are located throughout Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
Hot Tip: To ensure you are connected inside and outside of the secure area at MSP, check out the best mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.
MSP’s Lost and Found Office is located on the Tram level of Terminal 1 near the valet station. If you’ve lost an item, submit an online claim or visit the office during these opening hours:
The airport advises passengers to submit a claim first, but you can also call the Lost and Found Office at 612-726-5141.
If an item is lost on an airplane, contact MSP’s general information at 612-726-5555 (8 a.m. to 10 p.m.), and they will inform you of the lost and found contact details for the applicable airline.
MSP has several information services that passengers can contact for assistance. A passenger assistance desk is located in Terminal 1 on level T and is staffed daily from 5 a.m. to 1:45 a.m.
Information booths are also located throughout Terminal 1 and are staffed daily by volunteers providing general information and assistance for the elderly or disabled as well as translation and sign language services. These services are provided by a nonprofit organization called Airport Foundation MSP, and they have a central office at the entrance of Concourse D in Terminal 1, open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
In addition to these services, the airport also offers phone assistance by calling 612-726-5555 for general information and paging.
MSP has 2 children’s play areas featuring airplane play structures and an air traffic control tower with slides. Play areas are located at:
Hot Tip: Explore the most kid-friendly U.S. airports and see why MSP was one of the top airports on our list.
MSP has private lactation centers and semi-private nursing mothers rooms:
MSP ranks as one of the top pet-friendly U.S. airports, so MSP is a great place to fly with your furry friend.
Pet relief areas can be found at the following locations:
MSP has 3 duty-free shops with 2 in Terminal 1 and 1 in Terminal 1. These are located at:
Designated smoking areas are located outside of Terminals 1 and 2 curbside.
MSP does not have an interfaith chapel, however, it does have 2 quiet seating areas suitable for meditation and prayer. These are located in Terminal 1 inside the secure area on the mezzanine level.
ATMs can be found throughout Terminals 1 and 2 on the ticketing level, baggage claim, and in the individual concourses (apart from B and D).
Luggage storage facilities are not available at MSP.
General Inquiries: 612-726-5555
Parking: 612-725-4681
The Blue Line of the LRT runs from downtown Minneapolis to the Mall of America, stopping at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of MSP. Passengers can connect from the Blue Line to the Green Line services to Saint Paul.
Trains depart every 10 minutes during peak times and every 10-15 minutes off-peak with the journey to downtown Minneapolis taking around 25 minutes.
Metro Transit: Bus 54 is a city service bus that departs from Terminal 1 of the airport to Saint Paul, where passengers can pickup connecting services to downtown Minneapolis. City buses arrive and depart from Terminal 1 only, so passengers will need to ride the free LRT from Terminal 2.

Jefferson Lines Bus: Scheduled buses to Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin depart from the Terminal 1 transit area. Tickets can be purchased on arrival at the GO Rochester Direct desk or by booking online.
Scheduled services: Buses, vans, and limousines are available to prebook or arrange on arrival at MSP (bookings are recommended for out-of-town services). Ticket desks are available in the ground transportation center or for prebookings, MSP suggests these companies.
Shared services: SuperShuttle provides shared ride services that are available to prebook or book on arrival at the ground transportation area. Bookings can be made by calling 800-258-3826 or visiting supershuttle.com.
Taxis are available from Terminal 1 on Level T and Terminal 2 at the ground transportation area. Fares to downtown Minneapolis are $41 to $51 and $33 to $41 to Saint Paul.
Uber and Lyft drivers are permitted to operate from MSP using the standard vehicle drop-off area for departing passengers. Pickup is permitted in designated areas:
Take MN-65 South and use the middle 2 lanes to turn slightly left onto the slip road to I-35 West south. Use the right 3 lanes to merge onto MN-62 East and then use the right 2 lanes to merge onto MN-5 West towards the airport.
Take I-35 East south until exit 103B and use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto MN-5 West/7th Street West/Fort Road. Keep left at the fork to continue on MN-5 West until you reach the airport.
Take I-35 West north and take exit 9A to merge onto I-494 East/MN-5 East. Keep right at the fork to continue on MN-5 East and use the left 2 lanes to take the exit towards the terminals.
The hourly parking garages at MSP are suitable for stays of under 4 hours. Terminal 1 (gold ramp level 3) and Terminal 2 (purple parking ramp) both have hourly parking garages outside of the terminal.
Parking suitable for over 4 hours is located at Terminal 1 in the green, gold, blue, red, pink, and brown ramps. All parking ramps are connected to Terminal 1 with walkways and allow vehicle clearance of 7 feet.
The quick ride ramp is located 1 mile from Terminal 1 and offers cheap and convenient parking. A free 24/7 shuttle bus picks passengers up from their cars and transports them to the terminal in just 5 minutes.
The parking garage is located just off Highway 5 at the Post Road exit at 5315 Northwest Dr., St. Paul, MN 55111. The quick ride ramp has a vehicle clearance of 9 feet 10 inches and is the only ramp with motorcycle parking.
Valet Parking
Valet parking is only available at Terminal 1. The service is accessible by driving past the hourly and daily parking exits and following the signs for “Valet Parking.”

The cell phone waiting lot is located between Terminals 1 and 2 on Post Road and offers free parking to friends and family waiting to pickup a passenger from MSP. Once a passenger is ready for pickup, then the vehicle can drive to the terminal curbside for collection.
Off-site parking lots can offer more affordable options than on-property airport parking. These are often located a little further away but with free shuttle buses transporting passengers to and from the airport.
Off-site daily parking starts at $11 and can be booked at airportparkingreservations.com where you can compare fees and distance from the airport.
Parking for disabled passengers is available in all parking lots at MSP.
General parking inquiries: 612-725-4681
MSP has car rental companies in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 as well as some rental companies based off-site. At Terminal 1, rental car counters can be found between the blue and red parking ramps on the second and third levels. At Terminal 2, these are located in the ground transportation center of the purple parking ramp.
Rental Companies On-airport Property

Rental Companies Off-airport Property
Passengers can access these rental companies by taking the shuttle bus from the Terminal 1 transit center:
Hot Tip: Avoid paying for expensive insurance through the rental company by reading about the credit cards that include car rental insurance as a benefit. 

MSP has 1 hotel located on airport property — the Intercontinental Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. The majority of other airport hotels are located 1.6-3 miles away from the terminal buildings.
Other hotels range from 2- to 4-stars, with 5-star hotels only available in downtown Minneapolis. These are the most popular hotels close to MSP, ordered by distance from the airport.






























You might be thinking that the InterContinental brand has no place as an airport hotel, but you’d be wrong! Not only is the InterContinental Minneapolis – St. Paul Airport the only hotel connected to MSP Airport, but it also features a luxury spa, thermal pool, and 3 outstanding restaurants that meet what one would expect from the InterContinental brand. Better yet, the hotel can be booked starting at 33,000 IHG points per night or using a free night certificate.
The Hyatt Regency Bloomington is not only close to the airport, but also the Mall of America for those looking to be close to the largest mall in the U.S. Guests have access to complimentary shuttle service to the Mall of America and Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, along with an on-site restaurant, pool, and fitness center. The Category 2 hotel is an absolute steal at just 6,500 Hyatt points per night for off-peak dates. 
The JW Marriott Minneapolis Mall of America is perfect for those looking to be close to both the airport and the Mall of America, because the JW Marriott is actually attached to the Mall of America. Guests have the convenience of being in the heart of the action while enjoying the luxury of the JW brand. With Marriott’s dynamic pricing, the points needed will largely depend on the time of year that you visit but should cost from 30,000 points per night.
Hot Tip: If you’re looking to top off your points to stay at any of these options, see our guides on the best ways to earn more HyattMarriott, or Hilton points.
MSP’s 2 terminals are quite far apart from each other, so it’s important for passengers to know which terminal their airline operates from for correct drop-off and parking. That said, MSP does have transportation between the 2 terminals with frequent light rail service that is free of charge.
Connecting passengers account for 33% of MSP’s passenger traffic, so passengers must ensure they leave adequate time to connect between Terminals 1 and 2 and re-clear security, as there is no way to connect inside the secure area.
As with many U.S. airports, MSP is undergoing regular modernization and expansion projects to accommodate growth and enhance the passenger experience. These include additional departure gates, new shops and restaurants, improved roadways, and a new parking ramp.
MSP Airport covers 2,930 acres and consists of 2 terminals and 4 runways. Terminals 1 and 2 are 3 miles apart from each other, connected by the Light Rail Transit (LRT).
MSP operates flights to 125 domestic destinations, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and New York, and 29 international destinations, including the Netherlands, the U.K., France, and South Korea.
Delta Air Lines operates out of Terminal 1 at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. MSP is the second largest hub for Delta and accounts for approximately 55% of the airport’s annual passenger numbers.
Southwest operates out of Terminal 2 at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. Departures are usually from Concourse H but as with any airport, this is subject to change on the day. Passengers can contact Southwest at 800-435-9792.
Terminal 2 at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport has 2 security checkpoints. Checkpoint 1 opens at 4 a.m. and checkpoint 2 is usually only open during peak travel periods.
The following airlines operate out of Terminal 2 at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport:

Spirit Airlines operates out of Terminal 1 at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. Flights depart from Concourse E but as with any airport, this is subject to change. Passengers can contact Spirit Airlines at 801-401-2222.
Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport is approximately 10 miles south from Minneapolis and 10 miles southwest from Saint Paul. Train and bus services are available from the airport to reach these cities.
The Mall of America is around 4 miles from MSP, so it would take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to walk from MSP. It’s much quicker and easier to ride the LRT 4 or 5 stops from Terminals 1 or 2 to the Mall of America station, costing $2 to $2.50 depending on the time of the day.
Taxis are available from Terminal 1 on level T and Terminal 2 at the ground transportation area. Fares to downtown Minneapolis are approximately $41 to $51.
Uber and Lyft are permitted to operate from MSP using the standard vehicle drop-off area for departing passengers. Pick-up is permitted in designated areas:
MSP offers a variety of parking options to suit short-term or long-term parking needs. Hourly pricing is available from $3 to $5 per hour and daily parking from $15 to $50.
The Quick Ride Ramp is a suitable option for long-term parking at Terminal 1 with a daily rate of $15. Value Parking is only available at Terminal 1 with a daily rate of $50.
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