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Spy photographers have captured images of a large Porsche prototype with SUV proportions testing on public roads. The development mule sports a long wheelbase and a tall body that might, if you squint, be large enough for three rows of seats.
We know that Porsche is planning a larger, all-electric SUV that would sit above the Cayenne in the lineup, so this might be our first glance at that. Internally, the seven-seater is known as the K1, though we’d expect a more formal name once such a vehicle debuts.
When Porsche first hinted at a seven-seat SUV, then-CEO Oliver Blume noted that it would be underpinned by an all-new EV platform known as SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) to be developed by Porsche but eventually used across the VW Group brands. It’s expected that SSP will merge the existing MEB platform (the bones of vehicles like the VW ID.4 and the ID. Buzz) and a platform called PPE (Premium Platform Electric), which Porsche and Audi currently use for vehicles such as the Macan EV and the Audi Q6 E-Tron.
While we can’t say for certain, it’s very likely that this prototype is moving under all-electric power. Note the headlights up front, which look extremely similar to those found on the new Macan EV. The air intake at the front of the vehicle is positioned very low, as we’ve seen on existing Porsche EVs such as the Taycan. Gas-powered Porsches all have a more pronounced opening that sits higher up.
Another hint at an electric powertrain: Note the little doors on each side’s rear quarter panel; the Macan EV has its charging doors mounted in a similar location, where you’d traditionally find a gas flap. It also has openings on both sides to make parking near a charger easier.
The hypothetical space for the third row isn’t massive here, but note the extended roofline that meets a more upright rear end than what we see on modern Cayennes or Macans. Porsche wants a larger SUV the compete with the likes of the electric Range Rover and the forthcoming onslaught of electric mega SUVs from American brands. (Cadillac’s Escalade IQ is already in the works, and would likely be part of the competitive set for K1.)
There are actually two different mules in this gallery; one has wheels without big surfaces between the spokes, while the other sports wheels that shroud more of the braking hardware. Looking at the one with more open wheels, we can see massive front rotors clamped by similarly hefty front calipers.
While the front follows existing rounded Porsche design cues, the rear is a more angular affair, although those blocky shrouds on the corners of the rear look like they’re loosely fastened on and likely won’t be part of the production model. They’re likely a little bit of trickery applied to obscure the eventual surfacing of the rear bumper. Ditto those matte black plastic panels affixed to the lower portions of both doors.
We’re inclined to say that this is indeed a glimpse of the forthcoming K1, but Automotive News offered a different opinion on these shots, implying that this is actually a development mule for the all-electric Cayenne.
One detail that could lend credence to that guess: The chrome strip surrounding the windows appears to travel back and angle upwards aft of the second-row doors, but if you look closely, a fake panel to simulate additional window length has been placed over the c-pillar. Beneath it could be traditional Cayenne design cues.
An all-electric Cayenne is expected to arrive sometime in 2025 or 2026, while a timeline hasn’t yet been announced for K1’s arrival. When we find out more, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.
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If this is a larger ICE powered car it will print money here in Suburbia. As an EV it will still sell but much slower. I only see a few Taycan’s here and there but Cayenne’s are common.
I never thought I’d see the day when Porsche was striving to compete with Cadillac.
How do you say “sellout” in German?
Still, premium SUV money is worth chasing.
But for my money, I’d rather buy a smaller luxury SUV and use the change to buy a 911.
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