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Toyota offers many commercial cars that can safely transport both passengers and freight. These highly respected automobiles are and have always been the Toyota Lite Ace and Tamaraw, to name a couple. At the same time, the Hiace continues to be one of the most dependable vans among Filipino families.
The Toyota Hiace brand underwent significant cosmetic and interior changes with the sixth-generation facelift that was released in 2019. Instead of the traditional under-the-driver engine configuration that gave the van a flat fascia, the all-new Hiace had a nose. Notably, this results in extra space within the cabin due to the separate engine room.
But as with many other things in life, the more things change, the more things stay the same. In the case of the 2023 Toyota Hiace, this large van, amid its body transformation, retains the excellent qualities that made it the most obvious large van choice in the market.
In addition to the 12-seater and 14-seater Toyota Hiace GL Grandia and GL Grandia Tourer models, the Hiace is also offered in Cargo and Commuter configurations, enabling businesses to use it to transport staff members and other necessary items. Given the variety of possibilities, the inside is set up based on the variant you select.
Toyota Hiace
In the top-of-the-line Hiace Super Grandia, the dependability that established Hiace a mainstay on Philippine roads is heightened and given a breath of elegance and comfort. For the second and third rows, captain’s chairs are provided in place of the standard bench seats. Additionally, you have a choice between cool-to-the-touch materials, time-tested leather, and quilted leather that aspires to satisfy. Instead of open space, there is comfortable seating that allows people to unwind and recline while driving.
Toyota Hiace Super Grandia Elite
It’s one thing for an engine to be efficient, it’s another to be bulletproof. The 2023 Toyota Hiace’s running gear is prized for both qualities.
Toyota Hiace
A 2.8-liter 1GD diesel engine, which is also used in the Fortuner, powers the 2023 Toyota Hiace lineup — and it’s powerful, too. But as you move up the model range, the output of power and torque increases. The Hiace Super Grandia’s engine generates 174 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. Either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission is standard on the Toyota Hiace.
The 6.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system for the 2023 Toyota Hiace Super Grandia is located in the middle of the dashboard. It has Display Audio capabilities and supports CD, DVD, MP3, FLAC, and AUX. Additionally, T-Link, Bluetooth, and USB are included. The user can link their Apple or Android phones to the head unit using T-Link. K2 Technology and a six-speaker system are other components of the entertainment system. This people mover has seven USB ports distributed throughout the vehicle, which is a lot of USB ports. This enables on-the-go gadget charging for the driver and passengers.
Toyota Hiace Super Grandia Elite
Only the top-tier trims come standard with the Toyota Safety Sense 2. You’ll be in safe hands because this system has measures to keep occupants out of harm’s way, including a pre-collision system (PCS), lane departure alert (LDA), adaptive cruise control (ACC), and automatic high beam (AHB).
Toyota Hiace Super Grandia Elite
And so the Hiace continues to be a large van non pareil.
Photos from Toyota
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