Cork parent may have to send child on 90-minute bus ride to get to a school 10 minutes away –

A Cork-based parent has said they may have to send their child on a 90-minute double bus ride in order to ensure their attendance at school for a journey that should take approximately 10 minutes.
José Basarot who is living in Tower with his wife and their 15-year-old daughter is without a means of transporting their child to Colaiste Choilm in Ballincollig as both he and his wife work from 8am.
The bus service that previously ran in the area to the school is not continuing.
José, who works for Apple, said it is not possible for him to change his hours and he and a number of other parents in the neighbourhood do not know how they are going to get their children to school in September.
It is understood the bus service, which previously brought the children to and from school accepted students from Ballincollig Community School (BCS) and Colaiste Choilm.
However, Larry Horgan Mini Bus Hire, which brings the students to and from school, said he had received feedback from BCS parents that they do not want students from different schools sharing the same mode of transport.
Unfortunately for Mr Basarot, the majority of students on the bus were in attendance at BCS and the bus service will resume as a dedicated route to just that school.
Mr Horgan said that the National Transport Authority have not issued any direction yet in relation to school buses and said while he had made the decision based on feedback from parents, he was also awaiting direction from the NTA.
Mr Basarot said he does not know what he is going to do in September when his daughter needs to go back to school.
“I have reached out online to other parents to see if someone else can bring the children and I can collect in the evening. I have no problem collecting the kids, but I just can’t take them in the morning.” 
The concerned parent pointed out that there is no direct bus service from Tower to Ballincollig, which is a 10-minute drive but for his daughter to use public transport, she would have to take two buses and it would take an hour-and-a-half, each way.
“I don’t want my daughter to spend three hours on a bus every day, just to get to and from school,” Mr Basarot said.
The Apple employee has reached out to the other parents affected by the bus service being discontinued, but as of yet, no solution has been found.
“I don’t know what I will do. We are not the only parents suffering from this issue, but we are Spanish, we have no family here, it’s not like her grandmother can take her. We are relying on the local community to get her to school.”
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