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Former 30% tint limit now boosted to 50% to help car owners stay cool under sun
Dubai: New traffic rules will allow car owners to use 50 per cent tint in their car windows, ending a long-standing 30 per cent tint rule, said Dubai Police on Sunday.
All vehicles — except trucks and taxis — are eligible for the darker window tint, said Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Assistant Commander-in Chief for Operational Affairs at Dubai Police and Director of the Federal Traffic Council.

Under the new Federal Traffic Law introduced on July 1, individual car owners are allowed to tint all windows except the front wind screen.

He said rental and company cars are also allowed to use 50 per cent tint according to Article No 9 in the new traffic law.
“All kinds of vehicles are allowed to use 50 per cent tint except trucks and taxis,” Maj-Gen Al Zafein said.
With the onset of summer, many residents rush to get their car windows tinted in a bid to reduce the heat inside their cars and increase the air-conditioner’s efficiency.
The new 50 per cent tint rule means that drivers who like darker tint do not have to worry about a Dh1,500 fine that was formerly imposed for using more than 30 per cent tint.
Child seat
Maj-Gen Al Zafein also urged families to ensure that they have enough space in their vehicles to hold child seats for all the children in the family.
“If I am the father, I will buy a vehicle in which I can accommodate all my children in a safe way. Safety of children is the parents’ responsibility and they should have bigger cars to accommodate child seats for all children under age of 4,” he said.
The fine for not having a child seat in the car is Dh400, according to the new traffic law.
“It is better to put your little child in a car seat so you can focus on the road while driving rather than let your child jump and play in the back seat which may distract you. A child seats is meant to protect your child.”
White points system
Meanwhile, the Federal Traffic Council has extended the white points system for good drivers to all emirates.
“The White Points system, which was being implemented in Dubai for some years, will be introduced in the whole country. We want to reward good motorists who follow traffic rules,” Maj-Gen Al Zafein said.
He said the winners will be chosen on December 2018.
The White Points system rewards motorists who have not committed any traffic rule violations in Dubai for a whole year.
Each eligible person can receive a total of 24 white points a year, two for each month. The points will be calculated at the end of each year. A motorist loses his or her entitlement to the month’s points if he/she has any kind of traffic rule violation recorded during that month regardless of whether the vehicle is driven by the owner or not.
Winners are chosen from those who do not have any traffic fines, including Salik and parking fines.
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