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There is something really special about these big Toyota HIACE vans that gets me checking them out on a regular basis whenever I see a nicely modified one. Last saturday this black on black Super GL was sitting in the massive Fuji paddock all by itself. Needless to say I couldn’t resist getting some shots!
These are the vehicles of choice for many of the teams and sponsors at D1, offering massive loading capacity and quite a lot of different seating options. So if you are going to use it for work why not make it look a little more attractive! This particular one was very nicely lowered onto…
…a set of Weds Adventure 18-inch wheels (6-lugs). I’m guessing this cool black van belonged to the Weds Wheels guys, who had a stand at D1. Notice how the brake calipers wear the Weds Kränze logo.
Front view is nice and clean.
For a van, that is a very good stance.
There’s a whole side of the Japanese tuning culture dedicated to modding these HIACE vans and I plan to investigate it more in the future.
Balck body, tinted windows and black wheels is definitely the way to go.
Hope you all enjoyed looking at something a little different!
– Dino Dalle Carbonare
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Now THAT is a mini-van :D
does anyone know if these will be coming to that states anytime soon??
no, just no
Lol no they’ve been in Asia for like 30 years and it doesn’t look like they’ll be coming here any time soon.
I spy a Vellfire :)
Awesome Dino, I love it!

Keep the Hiace’s coming!
I’d like to see what the inside’s of these things look like.

Also, what is the rollover rate of these things?
That’s pretty sweet! Loving that white Alphard (? not too sure, can’t really tell) in the fourth pic. I wish Toyota would import some of these to the states!
hmm, nothing interesting in the interior?
We have so many of those in NZ but they’re all standard whit or grey :/ That one is uber awesome!
I spotted this one in tokyo last year.,

G UNIT van,
engine from the Supra and the sides can fly
PLEASE do an interior shot, I have looked everywhere and I’d really like to see the inside of one of these.
i hate this car. only because some jerkoff HAD to have this car in MT2. when he was playing in the arcarde i was next to use the machine and guess what? my card doesnt read for some reason but my place in story mode stays the same and i have some slow van to use. GAHHHH
I’ve always liked that generation of HIACE. Great look, and versatile interior. More, please!

Darren, they won’t be coming to the U.S. unless you wait to import one in about 20 years. A “forward control” design where the driver’s hands and feet are forward of the front axle (think original VW Type 2s and Chevy Corvair trucks and vans) will never pass current U.S. crash standards.
i reckon it looks great! the second shot down is particularly nice. :)
i seen LHD HiAce’s in south america… now if we can only get them up north … hmnn….
I wish to drive that when I deliver stuff at my job.
Nissan brought over their van, so why shouldn’t Toyota. Since Toyota sales might go down, this would be great to pursue those commercial/fleet sales. Might be a great alternative to the Ford Transit Connect.
Needs a set of deep lip Fabulous Wheels.

The ones on at the moment look cheap.

Other then than, it still looks cool.
HKS even invent the F CON-D Diesel Fuel Computer for the HiACE 200. Super hot item for the tuning world around Japan & HONG KONG.
The minivans over there in Japan look 100x better than the garbage we have over here. Not that I’m a soccer dad or anything, just sayin’. Ya diggggggggg.
This is a van on ugly wheels
Come to Jamaica where modified hiaces have been used to run bus routes ever since they’ve come into existence. Trust me these things fly past you @ 90+ MPH full of passengers!
deverian ver los hiace que hay aka en panama, nisiqieracomparados a este
LMAO! Thats a pretty cool can. I cant help but think if Japan has their own “Mr. T”, LOL!
Modifying hiace’s is actually pretty popular in many asian countries for some reason lol
Love Hiaces but them wheels gotta go.
solid hiace! keep em coming!
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