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This year, we kicked summer off with BUBBLES! In the most awesome of mom moves, I surprised our kids and all of their friends with a visit from the Bubble Truck. A bubble party with color in your driveway with all of your friends, could there be a more fun way to kick off summer? We think not! Read on to learn more about my Bubble Truck Orlando review.
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Bubble Truck Foam Party
I told our kids and their friends that we had a surprise planned for them, but I would not tell them what the plan was. The other parents were all in on the surprise too, but it was a secret worth keeping. They had so many guesses as to what was planned, but I promised them no matter how many guesses they tried – no one would guess correctly. The look of surprise (and confusion) on their faces when the Bubble Truck rolled up, was totally worth it. They still didn’t know what to expect, but within minutes everyone was waist-deep in bubbles and giggles.
Special thanks to JBC Photography for being our official photographer of the day. 
Bubble Truck Party Florida
The Bubble Truck is currently available for parties in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. If you are looking for an easy and creative party — this is it. The truck rental is for one hour, and while that didn’t seem very long when I first heard it, it was plenty of time for bubbles. After about 45 minutes, some of the kids were ready to rinse off. At the one-hour mark, everyone cheerfully waved goodbye to the bubbles.
The Bubble Truck rolls up to your party spot ready for action, and it only takes a minute to get the bubbles going. We set the Bubble Truck up in our driveway near the grass so the bubbles were half on the driveway and half in the yard. I didn’t have to do or provide anything, music started playing and bubbles started pouring. During the hour the kids were led through a couple of games and given several rounds of color packets to throw around. I sat back and watched and enjoyed the fun.
Bubble Party
I was asked if a spigot was available if the Bubble Truck needed it for use. I have one right by the driveaway so that was an easy yes, but it was never needed.
At the end of the party, the bubbles were shut off and the truck drove away. My husband had been slightly concerned about the grass, but it was totally fine (even a week later). We did notice it still smelled a bit soapy the next morning in the morning dew, but the grass was fine and the driveaway was stain-free. We didn’t hose anything down but the kids.
Foam Bubble Party Truck
There were 15 kids in attendance at our bubble party and the party kids ranged in age from 4 to 13. Every kid loved it. We had teens and tweens “swimming” under the bubbles with huge grins right next to preschoolers who were thrilled to be part of the same activity as their siblings – everyone equally having fun.
Party Bus Rental - Bubble Truck Party
I invited parents to stay and watched. They pulled up camping chairs under the shade of a tree and sat back and watched the kids go wild in the bubbles. While I was the only one brave enough to get in the bubbles, the party would equally be a hit with adults.
And the looks on people’s faces as they drove past the party and took in what was happening was hilarious! I have a strong suspicion there will be more bubble parties in our neighborhood to come.
Bubble Party Idea
When reading through the Bubble Truck website before the party I took note of the recommendation for the kids to wear white shirts. I bought a bunch of cheap boy’s and men’s undershirts from Amazon (roughly $3 each). I offered them to all parents when I told them about the party plans. Some parents had old white shirts, some took me up on the offer.
Bubble Truck Party
On the day of the party, I was so glad everyone was in white because it made the color throwing even more fun. The kids had a blast getting color on each other’s shirts. My littles wore old shorts (one with a hole in them, one passed down from big sister that had been rejected). My oldest wore black athletic shorts. Because my girls wanted the color to stay on their shirts, we left everything outside to dry for a few days. When we washed them (in cold, non-bleach detergent), the shirts were left with light colors all over — a fun souvenir. The black athletic shorts washed clean, while the knit and woven shorts were both stained, but it was as I planned so everyone was happy.
Bubble Truck Color Party
Bubble Truck also recommends shoes for everyone because the ground gets hot. So everyone came in water shoes. Within about 15 minutes everyone (including myself) had abandoned their shoes, it was just too slippery with shoes. And once the bubbles were going, the ground wasn’t too hot for our Florida kids who are used to being barefoot. I am sure shoes would be the safest way to play, but my feet kept slipping in my shoes so I know the kids were too.
Best Kids Party Rental Orlando Florida
Towels were very important. When the Bubble Truck arrived it was explained that getting bubbles in the eye was much like swimming in the pool. Some kids wouldn’t be bothered, while others would find it bothersome. This was accurate. Some kids wanted their faces/eyes wiped every few seconds, while others never wiped off. There were no tears about bubbles, some kids just didn’t like them in their eyes. So towels were a must. (Old towels that might get stained are best.)
I knew the kids would be ready for a snack after all of the fun, so I had a box of Popsicles ready when the bubbles ended. Then kids were off and the party was over. Smiles all the way around.
Bubble Truck Color Party Review
What you need for a successful Bubble Truck party:
Summer Party - Color War
The Bubble Truck is available for private parties and community events. The bubbles last for one hour, and the price is determined by the day of the week the party is held on. Currently, the Bubble Truck is available for rent Monday – Thursday for $199 and Friday – Sunday for $289.
Bubble Truck Orlando Florida
Next time we invite the Bubble Truck for a party, I want to try the nighttime glow foam party! As much fun as the party was during the day, I bet it would be just as fun at night with glowing bubbles.
If your think bubbles sound like fun, wait until you watch the video and see how much fun the kids had.
Central Florida families, if you are looking for a family photographer for your next photo session, check out JBC Photography. In addition to loaning her skills for this party, she’s a fantastic family photographer skilled at capturing family moments.
Bubble Party JBC Photography
When did you do this review? I’m looking for this truck for a Birthday party in Orlando, and it says they are only in Miami on their website. I can’t see a date when you did this though. Thanks!
I did the review less than a year ago – May 2021, so that’s odd that it doesn’t show an Orlando location. I would call and ask.

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