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A Sydney special command police officer allegedly used his own gun to murder an ex-lover and his new boyfriend — before hiring a van to dump their bodies and then handing himself in to his former colleagues.
And homicide detectives were still searching for those bodies on Friday night, while also investigating whether a love triangle was a factor in the gruesome double killing.
The shocking and salacious details surrounding the alleged murders of TV presenter Jesse Baird and flight attendant Luke Davies were revealed by NSW police on Friday, as their alleged killer Beau Lamarre-Condon appeared in court.
The charges were both murder, allegedly committed sometime on Monday at Mr Baird’s Sydney home.
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Police will allege that after the double shooting, Mr Lamarre-Condon used a white Toyota HiAce van to fetch the bodies — before returning his service pistol to a safe at his police station and then disappearing.
In between that moment and 10.30am on Friday morning, fears for the missing couple rose by the hour.
The couple had been partying in Sydney on Sunday night. CCTV captured them returning to Mr Baird’s $3 million rental home that night.

But after Monday, they were not sighted.
Then, bloodied clothes, keys, credit cards and an $8000 watch belonging to the missing men were found dumped in a skip bin on Wednesday.
That find prompted police to immediately attend Mr Baird’s home in Paddington, where they discovered pools of blood and gore-spattered furniture.
They also found a “projectile” and a fired cartridge case at the home. Police then attended Mr Davies’ Waterloo home, but there was no sign of him.
And then just before midnight on Thursday, police executed a search warrant at Mr Lamarre’s family home Balmain and seized a number of items.
But they could not find him — until he presented at the Bondi police station, reportedly with the assistance of concerned family.
No family were present in court later on Friday afternoon where Mr Lamarre-Condon briefly fronted a court for the first time. He said nothing, did not enter pleas and will return to court in April.
That Waverley court was a long way from his previously celebrity sprinkled life.
Prior to his police career, he was a celebrity blogger and selfie-collector.
The then 19-year-old first hit the headlines in 2014, when he threw a note revealing his sexuality on to the stage of singer Lady Gaga, who read the confession out to thousands in attendance.
Others in his celebrity album included Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lorde, Harry Styles and members of the Kardashian clan.
Kayla Sellwood
On one Instagram account, Mr Lamarre-Condon boasted about an audience with Taylor Swift. And in 2016, he was interviewing Hollywood A-listers at the Golden Globes.
Just last week, he snapped a photo with Kourtney Kardashian and her partner Travis Barker, sharing a selfie of the three of them on Instagram.
“When Keeping up with the Kardashian’s take Sydney! Sneaky onset selfies …,” he captioned the post.
Mr Mr Lamarre-Condon’s life in the police force had also engendered controversy, having been involved in the high-profile arrest of an Indigenous man who was repeated tasered by the officer while on the ground.
He was later vindicated by internal investigators.
Mr Lamarre-Condon’s brushes with celebrity were mirrored by his former boyfriend Mr Baird, who had worked as a red carpet reporter for Studio Ten. He had also worked on Totally Wild.
Ten News veteran reporter Hugh Riminton — who reported on the story today — paid tribute on his social media channels.
“RIP my beloved young colleague, Jesse. Happy with a new man — and that, it is being alleged, was the problem. Condolences also to the family and friends of Luke Davies. Many tears tonight,” he wrote.
Mr Davies was a 29-year-old Qantas flight attendant, who seemingly had been dating Mr Baird for several months.
He recently returned to Australia after spending time in Canada and his social media accounts reveal his love for travelling.
The flight attendant shared images of himself in Tokyo, Lisbon, Italy, Singapore and Samoa just months before he was allegedly killed by Mr Lamarre-Condon.
As of Friday night, the bodies of the two missing men had not been recovered.
But the van police believed had moved them had been, at Grays Point in Sydney’s south.
Homicide Squad commander Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty said the movements of that van would be crucial, with reported sightings in Newcastle prompting another crime scene being established.
“It’s important that we get the movements in relation to that van as hopefully we can find the bodies and this is important for the family,” he said.
“Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family. They have received the news of the charging … so they have now been obviously devastated by the news.
“It’s really important that we do locate the bodies, not only for the cause of death but the answers for the family because they are still grieving and are starting to grieve now.”
He also confirmed that that the end of the relationship between Mr Baird and Mr Lamarre-Condon some of months ago was “a line of inquiry” police were continuing to pursue.
“Since this inquiry has come along and those investigations were made with family and friends, and it has been well documented that there were some worrying behaviours that have been alleged by family and friends but that was never reported to police,” Detective Doherty said.
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